DSOM - 50th SACD - anything different?

I head the CD layer was remastered. What about the SACD layers? If not, has anyone compared the hires PCM 24/192 to the SACD stereo? Am I just better playing those? maybe buy that version instead of the ultra expensive Japanese SACD? I have the original DSOM SACD from 2003 so already have those DSD files ripped. I do not have a good disc spinner so its only files or streaming from Qobuz for me. Just curious if anyone has done this comparison before?

I listened to the new releases of DSOTM on Qobuz and still prefer the my MFSL Ultradisc. The 2018 remix of Animals however is another matter.

Forgive me I am not sure what your MFSL ultradisc is.

Edit: I googled and see there was a CD release. Wondering if others have compared the various recordings. Wondering if the 50th is yet an improvement on the ultradisc?

In my opinion the old Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs CD outshines the 50th Anniversary Edition too. It has better overall balance and clarity when played on my system. So I just enjoy the one that works best for me. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the input. Trying to figure out if I should by another version. I have the SACD. But there are a few PCM including hi res new ones I have to try. But really don’t want to shell out money if there is no improvement going to be found.

I’m in the same boat, haven’t shelled out $$ to compare the 50th anniversary SACD to the 2003 SACD, however from everything I’ve read, the SACD layer is the exact same on both of them. I really like the 2003 SACD, moreso than the MFSL gold CD which I also have, fwiw.

Other than packaging, I don’t believe the DSOTM SACD has changed since the 30th anniversary release. I recommend you pass in favor of Animals. The 192/24 2018 remix is stellar. I was never impressed with the original Animals mix.


+1. The 2018 Animals remix on SACD is phenomenal.

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I haven’t had the privilege yet. I would like to see it available for purchase as a download. I rip everything to my raid storage anyway.

100% agree. 2018 remix of Animals is amazing.

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