It’s here AGAIN! Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary remastered again

Acoustic Sounds announced the release of the remastered Pink Floyd DSOTM for you SACD lovers/owners. SACD authored by Gus Skinas!? Hey are you moonlighting Gus? I have the original Dark Side of the Moon SACD but being a Pink Floyd fan I had to order this new copy! Acoustic Sounds DSOTM hyperlink


Other than the packaging, is the new SACD different than the earlier version? Gus Skinas and James Guthrie are both credited on the original 2003 SACD.

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I’ve had the 30th Anniversary SACD for some time. It’s actually taken from the original Quad 4 Channel master.

Are you sure? I read the band decided to not use the quad mix Alan Parsons had previously done and James Guthrie used the 16 track masters from Abbey Road to create the surround mix for the 30th Anniversary SACD.

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I think we have to ask Gus. I know I’ve enjoyed the other Analogue Productions releases.

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Agreed. The description on Acoustic Sounds doesn’t help.

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I went and looked, and I was only partially right, in that I was thinking of the DVD audio 5.1 mix in a set I have which is a concise set that includes both Guthrie’s work from the SACD, and I was confusing it with the 5.1 remix of Parson’s work on the same DVD. I have too may versions it appears… The SACD is setting next to that set of DVD’s.

On Discogs, I’m seeing a total of 13 SACD releases over the years.

I guess this will be the 14th and hopefully the best.

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Yeah, I have too many versions as well. I think the quad mix was also available on a Blu Ray version? Also don’t know all the versions in the Immersion Box. I own neither.

Sure would be nice to have a DSD download


I think it’s just a repackage of the 2003 SACD. Fancy box but that’s about it. $$$$😂

I have the 2003 release so I will make sure I compare the two once I get it.

Should I finally buy a copy of DSOTM? Nah.


Maybe Pink Floyd it trying to get DSOTM to reach 1000 weeks on Billboard’s albums chart. Last I heard about a year ago, it had just passed 950 weeks.

Come to the Dark Side Lonson!


Even I have a copy.


Ha! Let me clarify: for about five years after its release one tune or another or one side or another or both of that album would be played at what seemed like every party I attended, every bar I frequented . . . . I learned to HATE hearing that album! I recognize there is great music there, that the engineering was perhaps pioneering and certainly tremendous, and that so many love it. I just grew tired of hearing it and perhaps still am!


Allgood! No explanation needed. I have albums and songs that do the same thing for me. I just couldn’t resist the Star Wars reference, especially since your screen name starts with an “L”!

Fully understood.

I have a copy as it is culturally significant. Seriously, there are albums, films, books which I deliberately listen to,watch, and read as part of the zeitgeist.

This album fits into this category.


Me too… but it is good music.

Bruce in Philly