DXD and the DS - the answer is probably here somewhere

So how exactly does one feed DXD music to the DS? I have a bunch of new 352.8 KHz downloads, but not quite sure how to get them at their native resolution to the DS.

My understanding is that the DS accepts 24/352.8k PCM (aka DXD) via USB and I2S.

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Search “dxd” in the forums. Ted says via USB or I2s.

Thanks guys. Yes, I did a search and did see that. I guess I should have been more clear - how would I source the tracks if I wanted to get them to the DS via I2S? Could I do it somehow from the DMP?

Not sure about the DMP, but I and many others use USB-to-I2S converters. A popular one is the Matrix X-SPDIF 2, which is what I use between my Melco and the DS. There is a large and active thread on the Matrix here.

Thanks. I may be going insane, but I could have sworn I thought there was a way to copy DXD files on to a CD and get the DMP to play it. Or maybe it was just copying them to a USB stick and sticking that into the DS?

You can burn a DVD or CD-R for the DMP. When the sample rate get’s too high the DMP may start having dropouts. It may be worth trying in any particular system and with any DMP software changes. You’d probably be better off with WAV or uncompressed flac, etc. I believe the USB stick would work a little better, but I haven’t done it myself.

@tedsmith, would I just copy the files on to the USB stick?

Yep, they probably should be in the root directory - but I don’t use the USB in the DMP so someone may correct me.