Dynaudio gets spanked and shamed on YouTube


I’ve not watched the video but I had a pair for 30 days. The bass overwhelmed the music. Terribly thick. Otherwise not bad :wink:

He put in the parts and crossover design that should have been included in 3$k/pr speakers. For 10% of the MSRP and some effort the upgrade would seem to be worthwhile.

Unfortunately this is all too true. I sent him my ATC for measuring and I’m very happy with the improvement.

It was about 3-4 months ago if you want to view the video. Here it is:


I subscribe to his channel and I enjoy his opinions. He knows what he’s talking about.

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I enjoy his videos and have learned something about measurements. I like that he can make a full presentation in 15 to 18 minutes.

What I would like to see him do, is to have a couple of his friends evaluate two pair of speakers, one stock and one with his recommended upgrades installed. I realize that this not always possible. It would be fun.

I have been tempted to buy from him. I haven’t yet, think would be fun.

I am also curious about his tube posts, does anyone have any opinions, pro and con, about these?

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I’ve been following Danny for over 10 years. His kits are crazy good for the money.


I’ve listened to his NXotica’s over at Ron’s place and using my Sony UBP-X1000ES and the I2S input of the Kitsuno Holo May DAC with Danny’s open Baffle Speakers (using the Cary SET Tube Amps) and Subwoofer’s are something that one must hear (they are not the IRS V’s) but they would easily fit into my living room.

Open Baffle when designed properly, sound spectacular.


Do you own the Holo Audio? How do you like it?

Ouch. Hopefully PS Audio doesn’t go cheap on their upcoming speaker crossover parts like with the DSD transformers. I like him too and subscribed to his channel. Planning to try one of his kit for my Klipsch 8000F speakers

I thought the Dynaudio Special 40 was one of the best small speakers I had heard. So much for subjective assessment :frowning:


Maybe it is. Maybe the “before the mod” measurements don’t capture the general quality of the sound in a room.

I watched the Dynaudio video linked to above. Full disclosure: I skipped a bit in the middle of the recording. That said, did the hot rodder ever speak to what he heard before and after his modifications, or did he focus only on the before and after measurements?

I honestly don’t recall.


Wow. The video sure does make Dynaudio seem a cheap and lazy company.
I’ve never heard them but they typically get good reviews.

Danny isn’t a total objectivist but he does pay attention to the measurements. He listens too and knows that’s where it all counts. I may be a little biased but hearing his designs pretty much ended my hunt for great speakers. I’m not saying they can’t be beat if you spend more money. But you’ll have to spend a lot more than his kits to beat them.

What he shows with the stock crossovers is not unusual, it’s the industry norm. Almost all factory made speakers cut corners in their crossovers using cheap parts. They might still sound great in stock form but better parts take them to another level. Even more so if Danny can improve the crossover over stock. If you send him one (he only needs one speaker to measure and you pay for shipping) he’ll listen and measure it and if needed redesign the crossover for free! Now if you want that crossover kit it’s going to cost you and you get to put it together.


The money and effort I put into my ATC speakers crossover networks was some of the biggest bang for the buck upgrades I’ve ever done. Mine was a bit more expensive as I added bypass cap on the tweeter circuit just to ‘go all the way’.

I had the Dynaudio S40 in house for ~30 days. They sounded just like they measure. A big bump and significant cabinet resonance/reinforcement in the range that simply didn’t work in my room. It was a rather muddy mess down low. Shortly thereafter I found the sealed ATC and my search ended.


Props to him for using the distinctly southern US phrase “carryin’ on” to describe the energy issue in the woofer. Nothing good comes from things or people “carryin’ on” hahahahaha. I’ve never heard the phrase used much in the northern or western US.

I grew up using ‘carryin’ on. Foothills of the Sierra Nevada, near South Lake Tahoe.

It has always been a common term here in Michigan too FWIW.
My mother used to tell us “You kids stop carryin’ on like that OK?”

I can understand why manufactures cut corners on entry level speakers, but it doesn’t make sense to do this on higher in speakers, especially those a manufacturer has marketed as “Special”

Why not sell the"Special" speaker for $300 more, and use quality parts in the crossover?

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Probably because most people will still opt for the cheaper version. Only audiophiles care. Actually only SOME audiophiles care.