Perfect Pairing with my M700s


Like a fine wine with a good steak, the 700s need a partner to fully balance the acoustic menu we order when we sit down for a “listen”. I took a leap and left my beloved Dynaudio and I must say, these are the biggest “little” speakers I have ever had. And to the point of the post, they match very well with my PSA gear. I’m a happy camper…



If you ‘left’ your beloved Dynaudio, what are the speakers pictured?


Sorry Jeffery- On my post I see the name of the jpeg so perhaps I “vague posted”. They are Wilson Sabrina’s…


Congrats on the system! I’ve enjoyed listening to the latest Wilson’s. They have that tweeter dialed!

Thanks for sharing!4_gif


Thanks Darren. The 700s power them well and the amp seems to be very neutral in nature and hands off the music beautifully. I believe the Scan Speak (?) mid does a killer job also. No issues driving the bottom end either. They show a pretty low dip - Impedance: 4 ohms nominal, 2.53 ohms minimum at 139Hz. All PSA gear is happy with the new addition…Working well…

I still have not gotten used to the footprint. lol…