Eichmann (KLEI, ETI) cables

I trust that Eichmann has perfected terminals with their minimal mass silver connects. (Check it out!) Just lovely engineered!
Please recommend some good (preferably silver) cables that have these Eichmann terminals. All sorts, I want to have my whole signal chain with minimal mass connects.

Is there a bottleneck still, with the components having standard higher mass terminals? Should I replace even all the female RCAs and XLRs with matching efficient terminals for the whole system to have as little loss as possible?

Check out Anticables https://anticables.com/interconnects/analog-rca-interconnects
I have 2 pair of the Level 6.2 ICs.

Are they the best interconnect you’ve heard?

Yes and no. It would take a long answer to explain why.

Gimme a long answer, please.