Recommend silver(plated) all-purpose wire

Recommend some affordable silver(plated) wire with good dielectric and sufficient gauge for use in all point-to-point wiring purposes, so good for building a tube amp, crossovers, anything.

I know it can be thinner than average speaker cable due to lengths considered but I don’t want the thought of any gauge bottleneck nagging at the back of my head.

Also, old-time experts, confirm me one more time: what’s the least bottlenecking way to make the mandarotory evil solder connections with solder being less than 20% IACS conductivity…?

I am certainly no expert but you might take a look at Duelund.

Well those Duelund silver foils in oily silk dielectric seem VERY nice indeed… Their price strongly urges to strive for the absolute shortest signal path too. Not meaning to say expensive, for they just might be the best wire one could sensibly hope for.
Now if only a handheld ultrasonic welder wasn’t 18k$… It will take a toll on the soul to taint such wire with solder!