Eitr USB->Coax

Do any of you have the Schiit Eitr USB to coax converter?
It takes any USB audio input and runs it through isolation transformers to output a pristine coax signal (I sure hope it’s pristine now).
I went and purchased the trusted AQ Cinnamon USB and an AQ coax along with this box, and it definitely breathed new life to the DAC. Airier and more tactile soundstage, definitely. (I previously had the DAC fed with optical straight from the motherboard)
Some have stated that they felt as though they suddenly had a brand new DAC with this upgrade - I can relate but my speakers are surely bottlenecking the perceived change. …Might be the AQ magic cables that make most of the change, have to give props to AQ for supplying “inexpensive” cables that are extremely well built inside and out.

I’m content with this, but I thought I’d ask you people what you think of this níce box.

I use an Eitr with my Mac mini. It’s not a huge difference vs going directly to my dac but it sounds good.

What USB and coaxial cables are you using? What DAC?

I use Belden 1694A coax from Blue Jeans cable and Pangea silver usb cable. I have a Musical Fidelity V-Dac II.