Audioquest Carbon thoughts?

Hey everyone, wondering if any forum users have any experience with Audioquest Carbon stuff, Specifically the Carbon 75ohm Digital Coax….

I’m Currently a AQ Cinnamon coax cable user and have found it to be a great match with my Bluesound and integrated, however a tad bright. The Cinnamon was a huge upgrade from the AQ Forest that sounded too hot for my tastes.

Have been thinking about taking the plunge, any impressions would be awesome. Thanks!

I upgraded my coax from AQ Cinnamon to Carbon on my Node 2i, and am happy with the resultant improvement.

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I have Carbon USB, Coax and AES. McKenzie XLR I believe and Heimdall.

The Carbon series does not disappoint. Carbon is used from PC to Matrix and then to Dac.

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I upgraded from the carbon to a wireworld and now use the carbon in my Oppo203 in theater. It keeps popping out of the 203 for some reason. Did not have that issue from Matrix to DSD. But I get great results with it.

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I just checked in with mine. It didn’t really have anything to say. (insert hi hat)


I have an AQ Carbon on the output side of my PS Audio LAN rover ( Input side Danacable true stream) . Its better than a DH Labs Mirage - by far - more musical and holographic sound. YMMV

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Dad jokes…. :rofl:. Today at work kept saying “grass is gonna love it” whenever someone mentioned how much it was raining.

Thanks for all the positive feedback to everyone. Think I might queue this up as my next upgrade…


The Carbon USB cable.
the cable needs a long burn-in time if purchased new.

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That seems to be the rule for everything these days. I’m breaking in a new pillow.


I was just thinking about that, and maybe this is a topic for a new thread, but as anyone ever ‘burnt in’ something and then been like “meh…” or worse not liked the way it sounded? Why does it seem that burn in always changes things for the better?

Confirmation Bias, the tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs .

If it’s a My Pillow, I am not speaking with you.


It is absolutely never going to be a my pillow.
F that guy!


Whew!.. and agreed.


Oke aangen funny :melting_face:

I bought the Carbon new and was very disappointed after plugging it in for the first time.
I was already looking for a replacement when after about 3 weeks the sound changed.
The hars sound slowly disappeared.


I’ve found that a lot of AQ stuff can sound pretty harsh at first and mellows with time. You gonna stick with it?

Yes i keep this cable between streamer and DAC (USB).
But i mostly listen with the XLR digital input (MIT Oracle).

Carbon is not bad, but Water is better.
I upgraded all Carbons ( XLR, Coax) to Walter recently, after a month, they are just amazing, more holo, bass and very detail in high frequencies. Water are about 2x expensive over Carbon, but they are worth to have

I have just aquired AQ HDMI carbon as an I2S connection. Any views on AQ HDMI burn in ?? So far sounds great between Audio DG DI20 and DSD Sr