ELAC Super Tweeter 4PIPLUS.2-GB Omni Directional

Does anyone happen to have any experience with the ELAC radiating add-on tweeter?

These look like a compelling addition for not too much extra money. Just wondering what the pros/cons would be…

Could they help make a decent floor standing speaker punch above it’s weight class, or would it be too bright if it already had a decent tweeter (in my case FS 409 JET tweeter)?

Just wondering about the use case and how one would hook them up with a floor standing speaker.

thanks for any insight.

No experience with the ELAC S.Tweeter, but for the high cost, believe I’d have these Seas DIAMOND Dome Tweeters installed in my monitors First! :wink:


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Izzat each or per pair? Lotta clams either way.

I looked into super tweeters a while back, and didn’t see these. Looks interesting and worth a try. Elac has a 30-day return policy.

That’s a…pricey…upgrade. Interesting to see how they perform.

According to THIS article (and others found on a search), the ELAC 4Pi Plus.2 are over $3k (pair)!

The Seas Diamond Dome Tweeters are $6k (pair) from HERE, however they do cover the broadband from 1.8kHz to 50kHz!!

The difference is you don’t have to physically modify your current speakers with the Elac.

Correct Vee! You also wouldn’t have to rework your current speaker crossover! :wink:

For me, kind of a mute point…@ 67, my hearing drops off dramatically after 14khz! :frowning:


Have you looked at these less expensive supertweeters:

I bought the Bat pro several years ago. -No changes needed on the crossover with them.

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Thanks for all the comments a links.

The most in-depth review I was able to find was at 6moons which I found quite positive.
I went ahead and placed the order and will report back. Seems a certain je ne sais quois may be experienced. How exciting. :wink: