Sprout 100 + Elac speakers

Hi all, I’m thinking about buying the Sprout 100 package with the Elac B6.2 speakers. I don’t know if these speakers would be too much for my set up though. It’s for my desktop. Speakers on both sides of my computer monitor (estimating 4 feet apart) and my listening position would be 2.5 to 3 feet away if my chair is behind my keyboard. I can always move the chair back farther though. Think this will work or am I looking at too big of speakers here?

Thanks for your help.

A pic of your setup might help. I have a pair of similarly sized monitors I’d like to use for the desktop but, at a foot deep, they are too big for my desk.

We are currently putting the computer and desk together so don’t have a pic for now. The desk is 2 feet and 1 inch deep. I have been reading on other forums about this version of Elac speakers and it seems people are saying they are not good for near field listening.

Crutchfield has the speakers on sale for less than the PSA deal with 60 days to demo. If you don’t like them they provide a return shipping label. Return shipping is deducted from your refund but I believe you end up with a better shipping rate than if you purchased yourself. PSA return policy is you arrange your own shipping at retail rates.

I have these speakers in an office environment. I am using them with a sprout amplifier and a Rega Planar turntable. I also have an Elac Sub to support the bass. I think the Elac B6.2 speakers are too big for desktop use. Not a good choice for nearfield listining imo and asthetically inappropriate for desktop use.
I’m sure there are users on this forum with desktop systems that could make a more appropriate choice.

Thanks. I had a feeling this was the case and will start looking

I would go KEF LS50 Wireless II.

You’ll thank me later.

The LS50 is way out of my price range but on the wish list. I am thinking of the KEF Q150. Right now they are going for $300.

I would check out the recommendations of the cheapaudioman on you tube. He is a great source for afforadable gear and especially speakers.

I can say without hesitation the Sprout100 + KEF LS50 Meta is a match extraordinaire. Been listening to this pairing for a couple of weeks and never tire of it. Will be upgrading the main system to something else (after my failed Klipsch Heresy experiment) but this configuration will remain in the house somewhere.

The q150s are seriously good speakers for $300. They are a little on the small side for bookshelf speakers and might do the trick in your situation.