EMi and well-being

I played around with tourmaline, shungite and EMV chips for cell phones.
I found what I was looking for bri Amazon… and Amazon came several times for a delivery in the last week.
Today they brought me oversized cell phone chips.
I want to use it to counteract EMC and parasitic interference on the component surfaces.
Damn it does something…:joy:

Will have try on my forehead

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I glued the maxi shields under the devices near the transformer.
Even if it should only be a placebo effect, it reassures me that I have added something new to the system.
I think the maxi are too big for a phone but just right for hi-fi components.
A cheap upgrade for my hi-fi therapy. :joy:

There are a few audio products out there utilizing this general idea.


The CE Generator grew out of Audio Magic’s owners interest in reducing personal EM radiation exposure




Yes, there are some manufacturers who use mineralin. In Asia, this has probably been known for a long time. ground box In Germany Epluggs, Phonosophie, Akiko Audio, Biophotone and many more offer this. I’ve been using RCA and power plug Epluggs for a few years now and they add more quiet and detail. But there are other manufacturers out there that don’t serve the hi-fi market and are much cheaper.After trying two Maxi Shilds, I am positively convinced of the effect. I also glued one to my preamp and one to the power station on the floor near the transformer.
I will also order some for the other components.
I think the effect is very similar to the 3M film suggested by Vmax.
I can imagine that the mixture of minerals, crystals and metals helps to de-noise the component and counteract parasitic electrical noise on the component surface, thus helping to keep the bulk of the power supply clean.
In terms of sound, this is noticeable in an increased calmness of the sound image. The mids are fuller, the highs relaxed and rich in detail. The bass is tighter. There are no worlds but it makes itself felt positively.
I closed all open connections of the components with caps or e-plugs so that no noise can penetrate there.
The Maxi Shields are a cheap alternative to expensive hi-fi accessories.

Greetings Andrew

My system has never sounded better. And you have to optimize something when speakers, components, cables and fuses are chopped off. Before the game starts over. :man_shrugging::joy::wink: