New PS Audio accessory?

May I know the board sitting underneath of the bhk s are they the new products from P S audio ?

Those are the discontinued PowerBases.

Yeah they were a sweet product we were selling right when I started. They had some nice power conditioning inside but their main selling point was the vibration isolation that they offered. They were discontinued back in 2017 I believe.


I have acquired several on the used market. I really like them as isolation bases/devices and as fancy extension cords for some kit. The extra outlets can be pretty handy.

Yes, a wonderful product.

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I feel like a glutton. I have ten.


I have four, and I keep my eyes on the used market - would like to pick up a couple more at fair prices.

Ten lonson?!?! Wow! Of course the man with a million CD’s also has all the PowerBases!
I have three and I really wanted a fourth when I got a DMP, but I could only find them for ridiculous prices. I ended up getting some Stillpoints instead. If I ever see one for a fair price again I’ll definitely buy it.

I got most of them when they were still manufactured and most at used half-price or so cost. I really like them, use them in two systems.

Can’t wait to see if Ps audio may consider to design similar products :sunglasses:

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My bhk monos sitting directly on the floor , looking for a nice anti vibration foundation for them :sunglasses:


Sometimes it takes more hearts or bigger hearts for likes :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Care to part with two ?

Sorry. . . I have a home for all of them and all are in use.

I would buy several if they get back into production. Preferably a version 2 would be upgraded with
A) Grounding (ground box)
B) Even more absorbing (for more frequencies than 3Hz and 30 Hz as in version 2)

Adding internal ground box in the middle of the power base (presently an empty spot) would give PS Audio

  1. One more product to sell
  2. Would boost market position as a leader in providing pure low impedence perfect power. Remember that a power plant connected to a ground box (at a screw on the bottom part of the chassi) improves the power plant as much as a high end power cable (relative to a basic power cable)
  3. The grounding mix would absorb even more vibrations from a wider frequency band and turn it into low level heat, just as the air organs does.

The combination of heavy base plate and seismic absorption that goes low in frequency is rare on the market. Traffic borne ground vibration is usually 8-11 Hz and Earths background is 6-8 Hz.

”Just as the air organs does”… :grimacing::rofl::rofl:

I actually typed “turned vibration into low level heat… just as the sorbothane does”

I guess “sorbothane” is not part of iPhones vocabulary…

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Fantastic set up!

I figured that. They sound like nice functional units.

Learn something new everyday. I have been hanging out here for over a year and never seen this product mentioned before. How much do they sell for used?

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