Emotiva amps

The Emotiva XPR-2 amp I am selling is 600 X 2 at 8 ohms. 20 amp power cord and weights it at 115 lbs. @ 1450.00 let me know if you can do better? the emo XPR is one hell of an amp for the $

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I had 3 of the XPR-1s…loved the sound, killer build quality but damn my back doesn’t miss them…sold them and went to the DR-1s…was very happy with them…may have given up a little bass(not much) but then went to BHK-300s ultimately and haven’t looked back.

For the money the XPRs can’t really be beat though…the XPR-2 is an awesome stereo amp…

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Yes, they are heavy beasts!

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Had an Emotiva DC-1 (DAC, preamp, headphone amp) about 3 years ago. Half width design, XLR and RCA outputs, supposedly one of their professional models but headphone jack was 1/8 inch. Sound was very dynamic but not analog, subtle, or sophisticated. Remote volume control was hard for me to control.

At nearly twice the price a DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core (also half width with XLR and RCA outputs plus bass DSP) was a better fit sonically. But the back panel was very crowded and the credit card remote a disappointment.

I have a pair of XPR-5’s for sale. I also ( if I sell the XR-5’s ) have an XPR-2 I could sell as well.

XPR-2 or XPA-2? I’m not sure which one the XPR is…

There wasn’t gens of the xpr to my knowledge xpa has 3

XPR was a reference line of amps. All 20 amp power required. Huge transformers, built well, and have loads of headroom.

If you decide to sell the XPR-2 I am very interested.

I’ll keep you posted. Hate to sell it, it’s such a great amp for the money. Heavy as hell tho. LOL

Thank you, and yes I would have a very hard time letting it go. I have the xpr-1s and a 2, I want to complete my home theatre with it .
The xpr ‘s are very nice.

I have never heard an XPR-1. Your thoughts vs the XPR-2?

The xpr 1s I have more detail better sounded staging the better your front end the better they sound I could be very happy the rest of my days with them,And a Tremendous amount of headroom but my XP 2 is no slouch either I will never part with them though they are heavy, they just sound so good they will be very hard to replace.

I replaced the xpr2 with a pair of ps audio bhk 300 monos

I have yet to hear the BHK mono or stereo I would like to elaborate more on the XPR 1 s but time is limited me from extensively typing, not that fast at it LOL . The BHK monos have got me very intrigued the OCD audiophile in Me. I am sure they will be in my future my main listening is PrimaLuna dialogue premium HP amps very happy with them to .
How do you like the BHK over your Emotiva.

I realize this is a year-old thread, but in case the OP is interested, I thought I’d mention that I’ve been running an Emo BasX A-300 for about 10 months, paired with a SGCD, powering a pair of Magnepan .7s, and it’s great. It replaced a B&K ST-140 I’d been using for about 35 years, which was a lovely amp in its own right. The Emo betters it in several ways, including detail and slam, while keeping natural timbres and a vivid 3-D soundstage. My only complaint is the internal fans, which aren’t the quietest in the world. They come on pretty readily in my setup, with my listening habits, and while they’re not super loud, they’re definitely noticeable, like water running in the pipes somewhere off in another part of the house.

Having said that, I will admit that if my budget hadn’t been so tight, and the Emo hadn’t been so incredibly inexpensive for its performance level, I might have looked elsewhere right from the start, including maybe an S300. But it fit my needs when I was in the market, and I’m happy to the point that I’m not likely to replace it anytime soon.

I just ran across this post of mine from only 3 months ago, and here I am one month into my ownership of M700s. I guess those were famous last words, and “anytime soon” expired after another 60 days or so after posting. :smile:

But, hey, I don’t care! I’m loving the M700s too much.

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Haha, this put a smile on my face!!! :laughing: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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