Looking for Feedback- Emotiva DR-1 vs M700


I have a chance to pick up some M700s that were traded into a local shop. They have very low hours on three of them and one is NIB. I have three Emotiva DR-1 monoblocks running Legacy Audio SE towers and matching Marquis HD center. I am tempted to buy the PS Amps and try them in a home demo as the shop said no go, so it would be a bit of a gamble but I am tempted to roll the dice. Any feedback on this and if it helps, I am running the new Emotiva RMC-1 as the control unit.

Decisions, Decisions! Thanks in advance for your feedback and hopefully looking forward to joining the PS Audio Family!



This is a tough call. Emotiva, like PS Audio, offers excellent products at reasonable prices. I expect the DR-1 monoblocks offer excellent sound. My expectation is the PS Audio amps are better, but I have not heard the DR-1.


I’d try them out. At that price, you can always sell them, if they don’t work out for you. For one, they should save you energy costs and run cooler!


Hi All…I have a few days to ponder the amp(s) purchase so I am going to think about it. Hopefully @Paul will respond as I know he is familiar with Dan at Emotiva’s product(so this is no dig on the Emo gear, I have 4 of their amps and their big processor, I am a fan!). I am just wondering would the 700s be a better fit for my front stage versus the DR-1s. I love my Emotiva gear but I really am considering these just to do a comparison. I think the PS Audio stuff would compliment the Legacy stuff quite well…