Stellar P3 and class A/B monoblocks

Been interested in a regenerator and looking at the P3. In the description it says it’s great for class D amps like the Stellar amps. I am running Emotiva XPA-100 class A/B monoblocks (with a SGCD), is the P3 enough for these amps? What if I uprade to another A/B amp?

What speakers are you driving with the XPA-100?

Magnepan LRS’s, but I will probably move to 1.7’s within a year or so.

Are you sure this is the correct name of those amps? I’ve never heard of XPA-100 Mono Blocs from Emotiva. There is the XPA-1L series, discontinued, as well as the XPA-1 Gen 2 also now discontinued. Regardless, assuming you have the correct nomenclature of the amps and if they have anywhere near the output of the XPA-1 Gen 2 the P3 would not be adequate enough to power such amps.

Hope this helps.

It’s correct. I purchased them used. They are not currently in production.

They seem pretty thirsty for a P3…

I tried looking up roughly how much current they pull, and couldn’t find any solid numbers. I think routlaw is right though, I wouldn’t feel great about plugging these monos into the P3. Specially if you’re going to be powering some Maggies.

Something to keep in mind though, you could always try it, and see. If the amps do pull too much current, set the high current zone to HC, and plug the rest of your gear into the regen zones. Either way, you’ll be quite pleased with what the P3 does for your system.

That online manual states 400 wpc at 4 ohms and if I am not mistaken Maggies drop below that at certain points along the spectrum. My guess is you would really be pushing the envelop to do this, but as James says if nothing else you would enjoy the P3 for your source gear.

Good luck with what ever you decide though.

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