Emotiva ERC-4 CD Player?

Not much about this player on YouTube except one sponsored video, anyone here have some experience with it? Recently overhauled my main system short of a CD transport and trying to save myself from buying the new PS Audio SACD player.

I recall it was well reviewed in Stereophile.

Edit: hmmm, that was the ERC-2 Emotiva ERC-2 CD player | Stereophile.com

Time flies.

I have one. I also use an Oppo BDP-95. I primarily use the Emotiva as a transport connected by digital coax to my SGCD. I typically use the Oppo for SACD and HDCD play connected to the same SGCD, but with balanced analog, thus using the Oppo’s DAC.

As a transport, I think it’s a quality piece of audiophile gear for the price point, and it’s DAC is no slouch (I also have a digital coax connection with the Emotiva). A couple of negatives that really have nothing to do with sound quality. I wish it had a little more flexibility for programming; it’s fairly bare bones with regard to features. Next to the Oppo, the Emotiva is basically a disc spinner in my book. As an example, it automatically starts playing when you load a disc. No way to change that. On a side note, it’s the only remote I have that’s made out of steel. That thing can double as a weapon. Next to the remote for the SGCD, it’s like an SUV next to a skateboard.

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Thanks for the input, have you tried to use the XLR out of the Emotiva extensively and have a good impression on how it sounds?

Sorry to say I haven’t tried XLR out of the Emotiva mainly because the SGCD only has one pair of XLR inputs and I use that for the Oppo. Maybe I should have done more comparison, but since I have to use the analog out on the Oppo for SACD and HDCD playback, it just seemed a forgone conclusion to use the XLR on the Oppo.