The Stellar GCD and the Cambridge CXC V2 cd transport

I bought my SGCD about a year ago, and like it a whole lot. I had been using my old Bryston BCD1 as a transport only to feed the DAC of the GCD, and found the results thereof acceptable. Then the Bryston died, so I bought a Cambridge CXC V2 cd transport to replace it. I am positively astounded at the differences I am hearing. The sound from my Magnepan LRSes is now tighter, much better defined, more focused, with much less glare, better soundstage, better instrument placement, and I can listen comfortably at louder levels for longer periods of time. I am even breaking out several of my “audiophile” recordings to check for improvements and am hearing improvements. I’m amazed at how much improvement a newer transport can make! Why did I wait so long???


Congratulations! :+1:t2:

Cambridge Audio have learned a thing or two over the last 50 years, and made the first ever 2-box transport/DAC in 1985, so they’ve had 35 years’ practise too get it right. Known for high quality budget, they started off quite up-market. I’m enjoying listening to one of their products from the same CX range now.

Good to hear. I’m running a NAD 5i5BEE, that, come Monday will connect to a StellarGainCell Dac and just in case the 2 don’t play well together, It will good to have a budget option available.

When my old Rega Planet player started to cause trouble, I went to a transport-only (NuPrime CDT-8 Pro, connected via I2S to my SGCD), and I love the results. I don’t know if transports in general are better at extracting data, or the DAC in the Stellar is significantly better than the ones in many players.

Another good budget option is the Audiolab CDT6000–I use this very happily in my headphone only system feeding a PS Audio NuWave DAC.

Have an Audiolab CDT6000 feeding my Directstream Sr vian coax.
Sounds frikkin’ wonderful.

May invest in a better CD Transport at some point, like the Jays MK3 I’m enjoying spinning CDs so much again.

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