New Perfect Wave Transport is unbelievable

I just received my new Perfect Wave SACD Transport today to use with my Bel Canto Black System. To say I’m shocked at how good this Transport is would be my understatement of all time. I never thought it would be this good. All I wanted was something I could use to listen to my huge library of CDs I haven’t listen to in long time due to mainly streaming and Vinyl.
I have heard some serious Transports costing 25 - 50k that didn’t impress me sonically like the new Perfect Wave SACD has!


Agreed! it beats my previous OPPO205 by a big margin (which I sold for a nice profit that almost paid for the PST).

The drawback is I need to spend big bucks on a streamer to catch up :frowning_face:

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Thanks. It’s always gratifying to see/read the impressions of good listeners upon first getting their new PST. It shocked me as well and still to this day I’m stunned how good it is.

Hello Paul, quick question: are the XLR outputs AES? Thanks

Paul, are the XLR outputs the same as AES? Just want to be sure before I buy a cable.

The XLR output on the transport? It is AES/EBU and uses a standard XLR cable so feel confident in buying a good one.

Paul, actually an AES cable should be 110 ohm, which a standard XLR needn’t and may not be. A good standard XLR may pass digital audio, but is not preferable.

Thanks, Beef. You’re right but I guess I assumed he was going to get a specific digital version. My comment was more about the standard connectors are all the same between the two. Thanks for the clarity.

Right - same cable configuration and pinouts.

As a fellow user, is there a DAC reason for not going i2s/hdmi? I’ve not done AES, and should try just for fun someday.

i2s is better if both devices have it, generally. And in both cases, sadly the cable quality does matter🤷🏻‍♂️

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I’m using it with a Bel Canto Black System that doesn’t have a HDMI input.

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Ted worked very hard to make all the inputs sound similar on the Mk I and I believe he succeeded–AES and I2S do sound a bit different in my setup with top notch cabling, but just a bit.