End of an era-so long iPod

Truly a sad day. I miss the scroll wheel iPods a lot; they were an amazing interface.


A genius product. So many people were thinking Apple was getting into the music business by introducing iTunes, when in actuality they were selling hardware - the iPod. Their approach earned profit for the recording industry and made Apple a formidable adversary in the world of MP3 players. I still have and use 2, both being around 12-15 years old.


Unless you had a previous mp3 player, you just can’t realize how big a leap the iPod was. The ability to easily access and use really large libraries was truly revolutionary. I had Rio solid state player before my iPad that I used for running. The interface was a debacle and the hardware buttons failed within months. While I recognize that the solid state touchpad wheel was better long-term, that moving wheel of the first iPod was legitimate magic. Just special.

Steven Levy really nailed it with his book titled “The Perfect Thing”. The iPod really was that.


This news is actually a bummer for me personally. I’ve had an iPod beside my bed for years and I listen to it on the nights I’m having trouble falling asleep. Sure, I’ll be able to use my phone for that purpose, but I leave my iPhone next to the front door so that I don’t forget it when I leave the house in the morning. :smirk:


As soon as I bought my first high end system in 2017 and was hearing music in a way I never have in my life, I gave zero craps about any ipod. No turning back. No loss here. Terrible DACs they have also by the way.

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I have five different iPods in a drawer with five other similar products. The phone works for me now.

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The “standard sized” iPods are a great running/walking companion that I use everyday. When my last two die there is nothing on the market to replace them of a reasonable size or weight.

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Back in '04. I sold all my normal value 'Non Audiophile" CD’S at the flea market up in the Pocono’s to pay for a 40GB iPod. Ripped all those CD’s to 320mp3’s because we didn’t have affordable TB’s of storage back then. It only worked for 3 years then I bought the 80GB version in '07. Another 4 years, a cracked screen and then I forgot it on a flight back to Ottawa in 2011.

My Son DID NOT want an iPad since they were all the rage “with the kids” 10 - 11 years ago. Instead, my Mom bought him an iPod Touch which served him well and then I would use it on flights in order to save my phone’s battery. It died on me after 6 years of service between my Son & myself.

Great products. Hated iTunes though. Who here lost their entire Library when the sync feature was NOT unchecked ?

Why on Earth is Apple Music streaming only ?

I had a 64 gig Ipod that i had 12000 tracks on, give or take a couple hundred. A fellow I worked with loved my taste in music and said he would like to buy it from if I ever decided to part ways with it. I told him if he bought me a new 128 gig model it was his. He showed up the next day with a new Ipod and I gladly handed the old over, loaded with tunes.

I still have it, though the battery hardly lasts now, it’s hooked to my PC and I’m currently listening to it.

Greatest tech I’ve ever had. Used to take a backpack filled with CD’s when I went on vacation. Now the collection comes with me via my iPod. Also skiied, ran, hiked, sat in airports with it. A true life and mood saver.

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I am putting a 1TB micro thingy inside my AK380 and not missing anything that came before it. I guess they make fancier ones but this one seems end game. It feeds my Shure electrostatic IEMs a really nice sound.
Apple could make a massively good unit but they like phones now. My phone sounds good too.

Oh well, this defines the progression I suppose.