Enjoying yet another $2 used CD!


This one is the Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe album. It is a lot like Yes, but not exactly Yes. I do like them but do not LOVE them. This is one of those ‘need to be in the mood’ to enjoy albums. One thing that I am enjoying is the production. It is not In Your Face and has good soundstaging - particularly for the Rock genre. It got my attention enough to inspire me to tell the group about it.

Not important, just one of those Enjoying the music moments. :slight_smile:



Now JP, you KNOW that the $4 ones sound twice as good… :smiley:


Used CDs are great. I have ordered a number off of Amazon. They arrive promptly, exactly as described.

I find it tougher to find things I would like to try in used CD shops, but it can be fun to prowl anyway.


We have a used CD shop located next to a university campus. I have found this is a great place to find Jazz. I am not sure why this is so but I often wonder if the parents of students give Jazz CDs as gifts, only to have Biff and Muffy sell them after one listen. “Ewww…like, yuuk. You can’t even, like, dance to it.”