Placed to buy quality LP's online

Well, like the title says, are there good places to buy LP’s of good quality online? Experiences?

Thats a wide open question, but since you asked:

Music Matters Jazz, Blue Note jazz reissues.
I’m a loyal customer.

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I bought a lot of LPs from acoustic sounds; they have good selection of used LPs as well;

Unless you are looking for exclusive releases from MoFi ,Chad or other similar LP’s just buy them from Amazon where the prices are the cheapest and the guarantee unbeatable. Another good option is Bullmoose.

I find most of mine from


Dusty Grooves, a superb source especially for the more obscure jazz. Definitely merits a road trip.
They are located on Ashland Ave in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood.

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Another good Chicago source for pre-spun vinyl is Reckless Records in the Wicker Park neighborhood on Milwaukee Avenue. Worth a road trip.

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Discogs. That’s one deep rabbit hole!

3 Likes is an online store with loads of sellers with feedback. If you can’t find it here it probably doesn’t exist.

Third Man Records

ReverbLP is another source that I have ordered online.