Equilateral triangle or Jim Smith .83 ratio

Have always heard to create equilateral triangle from speaker to speaker to listing spot.
was reading Jim Smith’s book and he preaches a ratio of .83.
what is all your experiences?
Thank you


But, IME, in my rooms, .83 and placing speakers about 1/3 into the room and my main seating position about 1/3 from the back wall (more or less) works well.


I am a bit of a “Get Better Sound” devotee.


By the limitations of my room and suggested distance from the drivers I am closer to 45 degrees angle from speaker to speaker. Roughly a ratio of 0.72 It seems to be really good for me in my situation.

The 60 degree angle would be near field for me and too close to the drivers…

IMO, either of these is a good starting point. Further adjustments would be room/equipment dependent.


This is the way.

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I place 'em where they sound best and suggest you do the same. 'Nuff said.


Sure, but you have to start somewhere.

The equilateral triangle and .83 ratio suggestions, among others, are good places start and adjust from.

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Since purchasing a Stressless chair I have finally been able to adjust the triangle (having a sofa first, that wasn’t an option).
The equilateral triangle always sounded best in my room, but I recently discovered that the rule of thirds didn’t really work. I moved the triangle closer to the front wall, this gave me better bass results. Then I adjusted the chair: equilateral and .83 going back and forth. I eventually found that the most effective way was to rely on the height of the image. When is the chair in the right position? Every time the singer’s mouth appears to me exactly at THAT height, where the real head should be, looking at an artist (in a studio or on the stage of a small pub). Matter of taste.
Last year I happened to make a demo in a dealer room where I was embarrassed by the set up, I heard the singer singing like a giant in front of me… wrong volume, tiring and unrealistic! That experience has been instrumental in guiding my setup decisions ever since.

Disclaimers: my Otello speakers have rear fire woofers + I usually listen at low level volume (65-70 dB) due to a very low noise floor in my room (27-32 dB).


I enjoy 65 to 70 db volume more too for the same reason.:wine_glass:


I saw the 83% reference in an interview transcript and as an owner of Get Better Sound, used a LASER measuring tool to determine my current dimensions. I was at 84%!

One percent was below my measurement tolerance, so I left things as they were.

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One more thing. I listen to a lot of late 1950s jazz, and many of the stereo recordings are so hard panned that instruments are left, right or center. An equilateral triangle exaggerates the separation, so the 83% moderates that somewhat.

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I occupy a shared space so the listening positions are largely dictated by a sleeper sofa that backs up to the rear wall. Side wall clearance and separation are space constrained. Fortunately the space allows considerable front wall clearance and the speakers are placed such that sitting forward in the sofa puts me at about 1:1 and sitting back is about 0.8.
I supposedly get the best of both worlds. My lead ears do discern a difference but it’s just that - different, not better or worse.

1:1 never sounded to my liking in the past. I’m still playing with FR30’s position and currently I settled with .82 ratio. With this pair a 1/2 inch each way makes noticeable difference.

well, the responses seem to trend towards .83 vs the triangle so I guess I know what I’m doing when I get home.
Thanks all

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Good place to start.

Don’t be too rigid about it.


And having to move 2 85# objects around helps me be flexible

I also suggest you not tow in your loudspeakers until you feel like you have found THE spot.

Instead, use tow in to fine tune the presentation.

Have fun.