Estate sale find

Got a Dual 1019 for $30 today. It needs work, but came on a beautiful all-wood plinth too. Time to start cleaning and fixing…

Mike D


My man! You are killin’ it.


How cool is that!:facepunch:t2:

On a current-day TT, at retail, the plinth cost alone would put the unit over a grand or two easy.

Like I said, it needs some work. I plugged it in before I bought it, and it does spin, so the motor is good. The automatic feature seems stuck, and I didn’t want to force it until I have some time to see what the mechanics are underneath. But the plinth needs to be cleaned and refinished to look it’s best. It has a Shure cartridge on it now, but I’ll probably put something new on there once I get it running.

I dunno. For 30 bucks, it seemed worth the risk.


Wow - great find. Agree for $30 and some TLC you’ve got solid foundation.

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My girlfriend had an old console she got from her folks’ house, and the turntable was a lost cause. I rebuilt the plinth/base and fitted a 1019. Works great, and she uses it all the time.


I need to start going to estate sales…

Here’s my latest estate sale find. Dual CS 5000. I’ve rebuilt the motor, fixed the cue and the autostart, added proper RCA jacks to the back, rewired the tonearm with Cardas wire, fitted a Blue Point no.2, cleaned, lubricated, etc…I was going to sell it, but decided to keep it in my office for the time being.

For the eagle eyed, that’s a Marantz 2275 on the left that I haven’t gotten to yet.


Pardon my vinyl naivete, but how do these restored turntables stand up to more modern ones, like a Fluance RT85 or Rega, etc…?

May be this video of the late Art Dudley would answer part of the question.
Art Dudley | Stereophile - Bing video

That Dual CS 5000 has a classic aesthetic/design vibe.

Very appealing.

How does it sound?

I still have my 1019 purchased in mid 60’s…are there any specialized refurbish shops for it? Thanks

I became a fan of estate auctions after I attended my first. The only thing of interest to me after realizing the “Eames” chair was fake was an Aesthetix Atlas amp. I raised my hand to the opening bid of something like $200 and no one else bid. I left there feeling guilty.


@scotte1 - I think that CS5000 as it sits today sounds remarkably good. It reminds me of the first LP12 I owned. I listen to it while working so it’s not used for critical listening. It’s very easy to listen to, if that makes any sense. With a clean record I would stand it up against any TT below $1500 USD.

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Same thing happened to me when I got my first LP12. The auction I was at was mostly art, pottery, tapestries, etc… The LP12 came up as “a record player of unspecified origin with no guarantee of operation”. Starting bid was $50. No one said a word. Being a newbie I shouted out $40. The Auctioneer didn’t even raise his head when he said “Sold”. When I retrieved it I was surprised to find the original box, a Ittok LVII, and a spare armboard. It had a Grace tonearm with a Supex cartridge mounted. I took it home, cleaned it up and played it for a few years with zero issues.