Back to the Future Turntable

I lusted for one of these, it is the most beautiful turntable IMHO. Wonder what it
will sound like after the restoration with new technology.

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Oh, crap! I might have to rethink my decision to stay away from vinyl. I bought one of these years ago at a garage sale because like you I think it is stunning, with the thought I could restore it myself. Unfortunately well beyond my limited capabilities. I guess the new PS transport and media player will have to wait!

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I use a b&o RX2 with a soundsmith SMMC1 cart. Love it, but unlikely to earn a seat at the cool kids table. I am thinking about sending the RX2 to soundsmith for a going over.

i actually have one that sat in the closet over 40 yrs…

and i bought the 6002 cartridge with about 2 or 3 months of use…

and i want to sell it/them…well, actually the 4002 model

TT is in mint shape also

wouldn’t take much to bring it to life…should be oiled and replace all belts (from age)

saw the Oracle TT and , well, you know…hello closet… :sunglasses: :+1:t2: