Experiances with JJ high performance tubes for BHK pre and M1200 monoblocks

Can anyone share their experience using matched and balanced low noise JJ High Performance 12AU7/ECC82 tubes in the BHK pre-amp, and M1200 amps?
Looking for very good non-Russian tubes for the preamp and monoblocks.
The JJ’s are made in Slovakia.

Welcome to the rabbit hole of tube rolling. You’re in good company.

I think if you search these topics you will find quite a few opinions about rolling the Pre and 1200.


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Just an f.y.i. the tubes made in Russia are by an American company. A lot of hoops have been gone through to bring a recent shipment of those tubes to the United States.

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I don’t have the BHK, but I was running the JJ’s that were supplied with my Rogue Audio RP-7 preamp. I thought they sounded a bit polite in the midrange and I definitely heard rolled-off highs in my system which also has the SGCD and M700’s. I rolled in Siemens NOS nickel plate 12AU7’s (from audiotubes.com) and the highs are back, along with a lush but well-defined and wonderful midrange. Bass is about the same with maybe a touch more control. I know the Siemens are pricey, but I think they made a difference big enough to justify the cost. So YMMV.

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