External DAC connected to Marantz SR6012 useless?

Hi there. I am Chris, located in The Netherlands.
I have an external stereo DAC connected to my Marantz SR6012 hometheatre receiver.
Connection is by RCA cable to the analog AUX input on the receiver.
Output from the receiver is set to FrontLeft+FrontRight+subwoofer.
Question: Does the receiver use the analog DAC signal to amplify it, or does it a analog to digital transfer to separate the digital subwoofer signal and then use its own dac to go to the right and left speakers?
If the receiver uses its own DAC, then it seems useless to use an external DAC.
What happens if I remove the subwoofer from the output, if I send the direct output signal only to the left and right speaker?

Can somebody give me advice?

Hi @ChrisvanderAa

Welcome to the PSA forums.

I have a DAC connected to my Anthem AVM 60 receiver and am incredibly pleased with the sound of the system when the external DAC is decoding the digital content. When I play the same source material from my computer through HDMI directly to the receiver it does not sound anywhere near as good.

Don’t ask me to explain why this is the case because I can’t. All I can tell you is that I am happy with my out-board DAC.

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I have a Marantz 6011. I believe if you do not use room correction, you should be fine, just use direct mode. You may want to look at the Marantz 6011 thread at AVS forums.