External R/W CD for ripping CD's

I am using a generic external USB DVD R/RW to rip CD’s using Media monkey. How much does the device impact the quality of the digital file?

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I can’t speak to your particular generic drive, but I use a USB attached drive that Apple sells (it is several years old) to rip my discs to my iMac using dBpoweramp Music Converter (DMCS) software.

DMCS has built in capabilities to ensure an accurate rip (even with pretty rough discs sometimes) and my files appear to be “flawless” and sound great streamed via Wi-Fi to my router and then to my Bridge II Ethernet card/DS DAC combo.

As long as your software enables (and confirms) good rips, I believe there is little likelihood of the device impacting playback.

In a world where “everything matters”, I don’t think the disc drive does.

Hopefully, some others will chime in as well.


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Good news! Media Monkey is driving me mad. Robert Hartley mentioned it in his book, so it was my first try. What then do you use for playback? Paul was just talking about Audivarna?

i think my answer is in your reply. I am at the low end of things right now and just getting started in digital. i am looking to use my Dell laptop to rip and then playback into my new Sprout. then maybe get to Quboz using the laptop.

My files fly from the hard drive on my iMac generally as follows:

  • iMac (housing Roon, Qobuz, Tidal and JRiver Media Center software) via Wi-Fi to my Modem/Router.
  • Ethernet from Modem/Router to PS Audio Bridge II Ethernet card.

I prefer to listen to Qobuz and Tidal via the Roon software which integrates these two programs.

But my favorite (best sounding overall) program that I use for my files is JRiver Media Center and their JRemote application for iOS devices.

There are a lot of experienced folks in this forum. Do some exploring in other topics to see what you can find on options for getting the files from your laptop to the sprout.

Good luck to you.


PS, check out the Sprout forum here to see if anyone has focused on what you are interested in doing.