Factory tours - how the others do it

There are lots of these around, I find it interesting what happens before the cardboard box arrives.

For starters, the Linn Klimax DS, an revolutionary product, a 24/192 DAC released in 2007 and at the same time Linn Records was the first record company to release 24/192 master quality recordings. It’s a stunning piece of design.


Good idea for a new thread…


These are the guys who designed and made my turntable. This video shows the design capability, the turntable is around 0:30 and the finished item at 0:56.

The machining is here:

They do loads of fabricating for amplifier, turntable and tonearm manufacturers, like Systemdek.

The chassis is one piece cut for two motor housings, power sockets, legs, bearing, arm mounts

KEF: A Factory Tour - 13th Note HiFi Reviews

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