Features of PWT v2

Will the new transport be able to:

  1. Support for playback of DSD discs (DVD or Bluray) with DSF file format? If so, will it support beyond DSD128? (I understand the DAC does not yet support beyond DSD128, but the transport could have this feature for future support)

  2. Read/play SACD?


Way too early to speculate or announce anything, including if the product will even see the light of day. We experiment and spend design time with many projects that go nowhere - if you come to PS Audio I’ll show you a room full of them - so it is truly early.

Your transport would be off to a flying start if you collaborate with Rockna, if this is possible from a business strategy standpoint.

Electrocompaniet found out that instead of competing with Oppo on the video side they just adopted this excellent part and did what they do best, develop a multiplayer with no compromise sound.