Thinking about buying a used DMP

Would be pairing it with the DSD. I’m only hesitant because the DMP has been discontinued. How long will PS Audio be able to service the unit? At what point would a drive/laser failure be unfixable?


Intersting questions, I bought a 2nd hand PW transport a few years back & it works well with my DSD Jnr so maybe I will also look to a 2nd hand DMP to upgrade from the PWT.

I have to say, I’m a little confused as to what the new SACD Player brings Vs the DMP…as the DMP was “Welcome to DMP, the last optical disc player you will ever need. There are simply no better devices made”??

This is what Paul said “ … In the end, we were just so blown away at how much better the PST was than the [DMP]…” in

All of the DMPs we receive as trade will be kept for future repairs. This will allow us to continue to repair them for a number of years.

I got an interesting call yesterday and the fellow on the other end of the line was surprised all we did with the new transport was install a different drive… WHAT!? :confused: I’m not sure where he got this idea. Bob Stadtherr and the rest of the engineering team have spent the last 3 years designing a completely new transport from the ground up. Better PS, new drive, and of course the isolated output Paul has been talking about. All of this has made for a damn good sounding transport! A significant upgrade from the DMP. What made me really excited was early on when Barry mentioned how much easier it is to work with and program the new drive.

If possible, I would try and swing for the new player. It’s well worth it!

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Thanks for the reply. That does reassure me a bit!