What transport (not PS Audio) do y'all use with I2S-enabled PS Audio DACs?

My PWT has begun to abend more often (and I suspect that the disc is often NOT the problem).

My PWT also seems to have gotten louder when successfully playing some discs. (Growling almost - the listening chair is maybe 2 feet away, which doesn’t help, of course.)

No disc players in the product line now, either.

Personal note: $2k is probably the limit that I would spend on a transport/disc player.

My DAC is the PWD, mk II, so I am interested in a player to mate with my PWDII via I2S.

But I would also consider other disc players with great bang-for-buck that lack an I2S connection.

What are y’all using to spin CDs, etc., these days (non PS Audio gear) that might work well for me?

Good advice will be much appreciated.

Cheers, Chaz

I’m not sure there is another disc transport except PS Audio’s discontinuted ones that will transport via HDMI/I2S.

In one system I use an AudioLab. 6000CDT to feed a DAC via coaxial and it is an excellent Redbook transport.

Sony UBP-X100ES with HDMI Video -----> I2S boards feeding a PS Audio DirectStream DAC Sr.

It’s that simple.

Caveat, for Surround SACD’s only, you need a Sony AVR and will be stuck with it’s “adequate” True DSD DAC’s. FOr PCM Surround/DVD-Audio, the DSSr. will playback the L & R discreet channels no problem, you AVR’s DAC will have to do the rest.

For 2 Channel SACD’s, the HDMI board strips away all the Video crap and leaves the I2S intact to feed to the compatible DAC. Oppo owners are doing the same thing.

and here :

There is a newer version of the board that supposedly doesn’t require the blue board. A friend of mine received the new board even though it’s still advertised as the old board. I installed the blue board and it did the correct channel reversal.

No mention form the Forum members if the new board correctly does the channel correction now. Just speculation until someone comments. There is a resistor that needed to be removed on the old green boards and I removed it on the new green boards. Don’t know if that was the wrong thing to do but the SACD output works going into the DSSr. using the blue board.

Jay’s It’s a gorgeous thing that works flawlessly.


Ive had my eye on Jays-Audio CDT2-MK2 transport. Has I2s, and I believe someone on the forum confirmed that the will set the pin out to match. Pretty close to your budget and gets really good reviews.

Ron beat me to it. :grinning:


Thanks for the generous reply, but, to me, what you describe is anything but simple.

I’m looking for a one-box solution to the fact that PS Audio’s PWT is becoming suboptimal in my system and the company seems not to have an alternative to market right now.

Thanks again, Chaz

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Heavily modded Oppo 203 with i2s board connected to DS Dac i2s input.
Apollo AV silver plated HDMI 0.5m cable.

Details here:

Does that board only work with that particular Sony player, or Sony Blu-ray players in general?
I will Google later but I’m eating right now (my mother would not have been impressed at typing and eating!)

From your description you need only replace the disk drive in the PWT.


Thank you for the kind suggestion, which appears to be right up my alley.

Best to you,

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Thank you for taking time to reply.

Do you have a general idea of the cost of replacing the PWT’s drive?

(I’m assuming that would be done at the mothership in Boulder. . . .)

Thanks again, Chaz


Also meant to thank you in my previous reply - I meant HDMI connex (not I2S), although perhaps they are related?

I must’ve been flashing back to my Audio Alchemy digital setup, which was I2S, IIRC (never a given these days!).

Thanks again, Chaz

For the record, I’m not wedded to HDMI connex for my digital rig.

I’m also incapable of complicated solutions . . . I’m a one-box guy as far as a transport/disk player goes.

It’s been a long time since I tried the HDMI/I2S and the coaxial on a PWT or other transport into the PWD MK2. I no longer have either, but a DMP and DSD. When Ted noted that he tried hard to make every input the same on the DSD I tried different inputs (HDMI, coaxial, AES/EBU) and have to admit. . .there is very little discernable difference between them. It may well be that coaxial into the PWD MK2 will sound nearly identical to HDMI, or that a really good coaxial cable will make differences insubstantial.

Any Sony BluRay player that’s SACD playback compatible will work.

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Maybe I should look into this then :slight_smile:
I now have a grand total of 4 SACDs, but the tech interests me anyway

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Thanks more fine information, Lonson. That background is a help toward my becoming connex agnostic.

It occurs to me (duh) that my backup disc spinner (my attic setup!) is an early/modest Oppo, the 970hd, which has an HDMI port in back.

I wonder . . .?

+1 on the Jays-Audio CDT2-MK2. When you order tell them you are going to use it with the PS Audio DSD and it will come plug and play ready for use with i2s. Plus it sounds amazing and is built like a brick…

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If I owned the DSD, I probably would feel no pain ordering the Jay’s equipment that plenty of folks in this thread have all but ordered for me.

I appreciate the nudging. (However, $2k is not $2.5k and even $2k is a stretch . . . for my sense of self-indulgence as well as my finances!)

Note: My DAC is the earlier and more plebeian PWD (albeit, a Mk II).

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Chazz, that Oppo will likely be a very good transport using the coaxial output or the optical but the HDMI will be a standard audio/video HDMI output and not the protocol that PS Audo uses to transmit data via I2S, so the HDMI won’t work in this instance with the PWD MK2. But give it a try with the other outputs, it may surprise you how well it sounds.

The Nuprime disc spinners transmit via I2S to the PSA DAC’s.