Few Questions before P10 Power Plant purchasing

Hello Paul, I’m interested in the power plant P10 purchasing but I have read around the forums that some of the European versions had reliability and working problems in the past years.
I would like to know if these problems have been fixed and if there is a service center here in Italy for repair and support if it were needed.
Unfortunately here in Italy there is no chance to try the P10 before buying but after trying some power conditioners without getting the results hoped, I am hopeful that the p10 can give me the performance that I’m looking for.
Do you think is better to leave the p10 all the time powered on or is better to turn it off when not needed to save power consumption and componets life? Generally i listen music 2 hours at day in the evening only.
I think maybe a P5 should be enough for my system but for sure a P10 will reserve more power just in case i will upgrade something in future.

This is my setup :

Amplifier : Pioneer A-09 ( Class-A Integrated Amplifier, 35+35W, 400W power consumption )
Cd Player : Spectral SDR1000 SL ( Class-A output stage, 140W power consumption ) and Marantz CD-15.

Thanks in advance for your reply,
Greetings from Florence - Ialy


Hi Stefano. It is true the Power Plant Premier had some issues, though I think the P10 has been extremely reliable. Our failure rate on these instruments is very low and I would sell it to you with great confidence. The system you mention would benefit greatly from the p10 and would not be a problem.

Hi Stefano. Welcome to the forum. I would suggest leaving the P10 on all the time. Attached solid state components also generally benefit sonically from being left on (or in stand-by if available). That also avoids the power surge that occurs when you turn on a component due to its capacitors being charged, which is probably more harmful than the extra “wear” from leaving the components on when not in use.

Many Thanks Paul and Thank You Steve for the welcome and reply.
Of course i can leave the P10 always on but i can’t do the same with the amplifier and Spectral cd player due to the huge heat generated.
Do i need to upgrade the firmware as soon as possible or I can do it only if I have operating anomalies?
I will let you know how the P10 works and how great will be the performance improvement.

The P10’s firmware does not change very often. Most likely it will be up-to-date when you receive it. (I’m not at home so I can’t check but I expect the firmware version is accessible on the display so you should be able to check.) In general if everything is working correctly I would not worry about it too much unless an update is intended to address an issue that is significant to you.

Florence is one of my favorite foreign (to me) cities, by the way. I’ve only been there twice but loved it.

I’m Glad to hear that Steve! Florence in these days is really full of tourists and visitors and we are having a summer like hell, really too hot!

By the way Thanks again for your support! i really appreciate that!