Power Plant Questions

I’m considering purchasing a PP (probably the P5) and had some questions. I did read the manual.

I have a Class A amp that remains in standby to keep things somewhat warm. I also have a PWD II.

Is it the intent of a PP to be on all the time or are components to be switched on and off using the PP?

If the PP is used as the switch then I would imagine that the PWD would initialize every time I turned the system on and then I would have a longer warmup period for my amp. Also, is it good to have the power switched in that manner. Could it cause any issues with the power supply components (capacitors/rectifiers etc.).

It seems to me that using the front panel switch on the components is the preferred method. That being said, I was wondering about the efficiency of the PP. If I’m going to leave it on all the time I don’t want to run up the utility bill or shorten the lifespan of the PP. Because of the PWD Bridge and all its problems my listening time is only a few hours a month but I’m going to eliminate the bridge so my listening time will increase.

The manufacturer of my amp warns that lights may dim on a “cold” power up of the amp. Last thing I want is to start tripping breakers.


cool question.

My suggestion would be to leave the P5 on constantly. It really only draws according to your equipment requirements and is [if I remember correctly] 85% efficient.

I turn off the front switch of my PWD if I am away for a few days, otherwise I leave it on. The front switch powers off only the analog section so the DAC is kept toasty.

My Rowland amp also has a standby switch and Jeff recommends NOT cutting power to the amp before entering standby. Your situation is probably similar.

The P5/10 have many features but it is not necessary for everyone to use all of them. The improved SQ and protection are the big treasures.

You will enjoy the addition to your system and have some fun reading the power reports.

The front switch powers off only the analog section so the DAC is kept toasty.
Is the analog section actually unpowered or is the output just muted?

It has always been my understanding that the front ‘power’ switch just mutes the output.

The power consumption of the PWD is low enough that it does not bother a medium greenie such as myself too much. Most of my stereo gear stays on all the time… Sound and convenience outweigh the power waste for me, especially in the cold months when I need the heat anyway. :slight_smile: Idle power consumption is for me a purchasing consideration, especially for amps. The last couple of amps that I have purchased are class D because of this. I need to sell my Krell because I essentially can’t even use it during the summer.


don dac said: The manufacturer of my amp warns that lights may dim on a "cold" power up of the amp.

Plug the amp into one of the high output outlets of the PowerPlant. These feature a slow ramp up to address exactly this situation.

I leave the PWD on all the time. It sounds the best this way and its power draw is small.

I leave the PowerPlant on all the time and use its front panel switch to power up the amp and preamp. The power draw on these units is such that I do not like the idea of leaving them on.

Indeed, the info you’ve been given is correct. Power Plants are 85% efficient and should be left on 24/7. That’s what they were designed for.

What is the fuse brand, type and size people recommend swapping on the P5/P10?