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Hi @aangen Does the paid one sound better to you bearing in mind you use lps1.2 as well?

Hi Chris, I am sitting here in the dark listening to the paid version. There are multiple options in setting it up and right now I am using the Audio Player (with network) option. I imagine the without network option might sound better. What I am hearing right now is pretty stellar. It may not be as big a difference as go from no Fidelizer to the free version in Purist mode but it sounds thicker, meatier, there is far more “there” there. All with a zero db background. I also notice that Synthesizers are scarier with lots of 3D vibration.
What I received was an exe file with my name on it. When I ran it it did a bunch of things in the background and then said it needed to reboot. (Wow, horns sound great!) anyway, it then acts like it used to but it does sound better, the more I listen the more I like it.
It sure is easy enough to use, and it costs less than 1/8 a decent power cable. I am glad I finally paid the gentleman who creates it.

(I don’t think the LPS 1.2 causes any harm) lol


Definitely more There there.

Rock on @aangen. My feelings as well. I went straight to purist no network for grins. Me likey!!

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I think my iPad connects to my pc via the network. I would hate to have to leave my chair or be able to see that far away.

Yes. My iPad is down now. I’ll probably bring the network back up and compare. I can’t see living without it long term either.

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How much can a little networking degrade this wonderful sound?

I’ll let you know!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks aangen, I only meant LPS1.2 makes things sound so much better there may not have been much more room left for improvement from paid version, but clearly there is.

I must admit I find the free version thins the mid-range out a bit so what you say about thickening the sound out may be ideal.

Are you running 3.0.6? I found that 3.0.6 sounds that way to me. (I am currently running 3.0.6)
I was settled in and really enjoying what I was hearing, then I read someone’s comment in another thread here saying they thought the speaker cables that I happen to be currently using sounded way off frequency-wise. So I swapped mine out for a different and far more expensive pair I had lying around. That changed the sound quite a bit. Odd. New cables are also on the way. I wish I could force myself to sit still for a bit, but this is a hobby for me. Both sets of speaker cables sound great, I think my preference is for the ones I just took out. Easy enough to fix.
I removed Anticables Level 3 and installed NBS Statement Extreme IV cables. Both 10 foot. I have Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 cables on the way.

Hi Al, Yes, using 3.0.6. I only find it a bit thin when using Fidelizer free, so will get the paid version.

I hope it lives up to your hopes for it. I am pleased I made the jump.

I didn’t find free or pay thinned out the sound at all. I used purist mode in each. I thought the paid version did sound better and agree w al

Okay, question for you guys.
Which should sound better:
A cd played on a Perfect Wave Transport
Flac rip of same cd played on a computer using Fidelizer Pro through a Matrix with an LPS 1.2.

The PWT connects to the DSD with a Wireworld Platinum Starlight AES/EBU cable.
The Matrix has a Wireworld Platinum Starlight HDMI cable.

In my case i would say cd rip or even stream sounds better than cd played by dedicated player.
I have Lindemann 820S sacd and Audio Aero Capitole mk2 players,and they can’t compete my Pc or should i say Matrix sound :grin:

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Ditto - flac

I agree and it has tested true. But it should not be. The PWT is reading and transferring the bits to the DAC. The computer is doing hella lots of things and transferring the bits. It hurts my head to ponder this.

Timm, did you ever try purest mode with (Gasp) networking enabled? Did the happiness end? :slight_smile:

No I have not yet. I have been …afraid. :slight_smile:

I kind of get that. Now, when I power up the computer it just starts Jriver and doesn’t offer me a chance to change anything. I am GUESSING that if I ran the Fidelizer app again I could then make changes.

How are you getting by without iPad control??!!