Jplay, Fidelizer?

I would like to use a PC. I am aware of Fidelizer for use with Foobar 2000. then there is Jplay as well. Apparently this all goes together for best sonic quality? I am confused about this. Could someone please explain to me What fidelizer does and what Jplay does and how they go together and then integrate with Foobar? do you really need both of them? If you only recommend one, which? I am just clueless as to how this all works. I would just be using one PC and no remote. no phone, tablet or anything. What would I do to get the best sound? thank you

You know what? I just went ahead and Purchased Fidelizer, Jplay and Jriver. I think they are all outstanding! I would highly recommend any and all of them.

The problem is just as before I purchased them I do not know what does what? It seems redundant to me? I would really appreciate if someone explains the function of each piece of software to me. I mean wouldn’t just Jplay “OR” Fidelizer optimize your system in the same manner? Thank you

Wow…just wow…

Never mind. I figured it out. It is not redundant at all. Fidelizer is an audio optimizer. Jriver is a media player. Jplay is a remote control app. I apologize for being so inept.

Now that I have figured this out I can thoroughly enjoy all of them. Mainly I did not understand Jplay. Since I did not understand I also needed to install “bubble” on my android tablet.

This to me was kind of a waste because I have a feeling that my URC 12 inch tablet with two way communication is probably much more seamless. Nonetheless I will certainly try Jplay and decide which I like better.

Yes, speed I can be a real idiot but I did figure it all out.