PWD filter problem

I’m having some issues with “filter 1” on my PWD II. When this filter is selected and music is playing I get intermittent static crackle and pops in the right channel only. I must emphasise this is only with filter 1, and only at fairly random times. It has this behaviour regardless of the resolution of the track being played. This is not a huge problem for me, as I can just use another filter.

Does anyone else have an issue like this?


I assume you have powered down, performed the Gordon approved “unplugging of the unit,” and rebooted.

Is this on USB? Does it happen on other inputs?

To be honest, it’s been there since day 1 with the DAC. Bridge, coax, USB, i2s… the input doesn’t affect the problem. It’s just that I never really used any other setting than “auto” except briefly to experiment. Auto worked fine, so I was happy. In fact I’m still happy, just more curious as to why.

Personally, I suspect it is the DAC chip in my PWD, seeing as the filters are built into the IC.

Your theory makes sense.

I need to give filter 1 an extended try.

I have been using Filter one for the last 2 days out of interest based on your issue (normally auto) and no issues here. im using the Bridge. Native X, transcoding etc.

I downloaded jriver 19 today and no dropouts so all in all im a happy camper at the moment listening to Hugh Masakela, Hope. Highly recommended.

I have tried, and all filters are fine for me.

Thanks guys. I was pretty sure it was just my DAC. Fortunately, it doesn’t keep me out of the music. I just stick with auto.