PWD Dac MKii best firmware and filter settings?

Hi all, I have just joined the community, recently I have bought a pre owned pwd dacmkii and pwt transport, they are linked via the i2s connection (cable supplied by UK distributor) my question is what firmware version offers the best sound quality and which filter settings do you favour? I’m based in the UK and am new to Ps Audio but so far absolutely loving the machines! Cheers all, I look forward to your suggestions.


Welcome and enjoy the forum

Thanks, looking forward to getting some great hints and tips

Someone with more PWD experience can definitely chime in, but I’m willing to bet you’ll get the best experience with the latest firmware, 3.0.4. Regarding the filters, I’d play around with them. They’ll likely be pretty system dependent, so what works well in someone’s system might not necessarily work well in yours.

I’ve heard that a much older version( 2.2.0 or even 2.0.2 ) sound more musical perhaps. I need to try a few things I guess but thanks for the heads up on the latest version, I have tried the different filters but to be honest I find the difference to be very subtle at best,

Yes 2.02 was the one. The perfect combo for me was FW 2.02, Filter 2, and SR native (not nativex) The cherry on top was a PWT feeding it through I2s

I will try it if I can, and definitely native sr, native x with the i2s sounds a little zingy, slightly processed, thanks for the advice

If you need the 2.02 FW let me know. @Elk may have it as well, I recall him posting it some years ago because it was no longer available for download.

Thankyou, if you could post it if not too much trouble that would be great! I now know I’m running FW 2.4.3 which was installed 18 months ago by the UK distributor (Signature Audio Systems) so everything is working fine! I must admit changing settings and using sr native and filter 2 the SQ is now much better, I also have a good spec Linn LP12 turntable with Naim ARO arm and Benz Micro sl wood cartridge (which is a bit of a reference for me) and on some new releases where I’ve bought the vinyl and cd they are very very close to each other now and in particular Dave Gilmour’s album “Rattle That Lock” Basically I think I’m going in the right direction and getting the cd player towards a more analog sound although I don’t mind at all the cd sound, it’s nice to have the difference!

Here is 2.02 FW

Bridge II needs a newer FW, but I don’t think you are using one correct?

Thanks, no not using bridge ii, I will try as soon as I can, I need to get an sd card as I don’t have one, and once again thank you! :grinning: