Filtering component created line noise (P20)

I am on a quest to lower background noise (i.e., the noise heard through the speakers at the listening position at normal volume with nothing playing) by 1dB.
I have all components connected to a P20 (15A), including 3 AC Infinity fans that are plugged into a Duet, which is then connected to the P20. When I turn off the Duet, the noise floor drops by about 0.3dB, indicating that the fans, with their switching power supplies, must be adding noise back into the P20, which then distributes it to other components. I suppose the P20 is best at rejecting incoming noise from the grid, not as much filtering noise among components connected to it?

What’s the best way to reduce this noise, other than switching off the Duet? I thinking of something like the Shunyata Venom Defender, which would plug into the Duet. Or PS Audio’s own Noise Harvester?


Do you really need the fans?

Yes, for multi-channel playback and video. For 2 channel, I will now just turn off the Duet, so problem solved. It would be nice to try to reduce the noise when the fans are running.
One fan is above the P20, since there isn’t much space around it.

But why do the fans need to be plugged into the P20?


No other spare outlets. I wouldn’t be asking if I could plug them into another outlet!

I would try my 3M AB7050HF absorber tweak and get them off the same AC line or circuit breaker.

Plus get any of your audio system power cords away from fan controller.

I modded my MC2500 amps to reroute its internal AC lines away from fan control. McIntosh figured that out when they built follow on MC2600. Much quieter.

There are many tweaks in this thread to reduce noise floor.

Great, thank you!

It does seem like the P20 does not filter internal component noise that well, which is disappointing. Shunyata claims that this is a differentiation point with their powerline filters… but perhaps they don’t filter incoming AC as well as the P20 does…

Strategic placed RF absorber inside the P20 and RF absorber tuning rings on aftermarket power cords feeding it does wonders. Too much can muffle or cause ringing. Follow my tweaks in the P20 and Cable Sutra thread and you can open up your system‘s holographic capabilities.

A P20 does not filter AC it recreates it.

totally understand that.
The point is about Filtering noise being generated by components plugged into the P20. You cannot recreate that AC, or you would need a regenerator for every outlet. That’s why I used the world “filter”, because that’s what is required, and it appears that’s what is missing, on the PS Audio line of regenerators.

Ot loves power cords with big RF ground drains.

Like AQ Dragon HC or Common Ground Cables Whisper Elite. They both use silver drain wires.