Floor stands in white wanted

I think I’m losing my mind. No big loss right. I just purchased M700’s and have DSJ. I love them. Speakers are Martin Logan 35XTI with Dynamo 800 sub. Also have Polk LSiM 703. I go back and forth. Folded ribbon vs Ring Radiator. Anyway I want to get floor standing speakers. Right now I’m considering Martin Logan Motion 60 xti. Looks like I can get them for $2800 new. Retailed for $3500. Or. Elac Vela FS 409. I want a ribbon tweeter of some kind. These speakers are $6000. Never heard them but I know Paul has said some good things about Elac and Andrew Jones. I’m not sure if Andrew designed the 409’s but man do they look good. Gloss White looks so much better than Matte White IMO (60xti). I’m trying to justify the price difference and wondering in I’m going too far with the M700’s buying the 409’s. Was wondering in anyone had experience with these two or maybe another speaker to look at. Thanks.