Martin Logan Motion 35's and the new Sprout speaker

Hi all, PS newbie here. I was wondering about opinions on pairing a Sprout100 with a pair of Martin Logan Motion 35XT speakers (and a sub, of course). I see in Paul’s recent speaker video he shows a prototype Sprout speaker and it looks like a very similar design to the ML’s (6 1/2 woofer, ribbon tweeter). Anyone have experience with the ML motion series speakers? Wait to see how the Sprout speakers turn out?

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After 2 rescue cats entered the family they destroyed 2 pairs of speakers. I replaced the speakers with ML Motion 40s and 15s primarily for the metal grills. The sound I thought was quite good enough for HT but not necessarily the best in that price range. If you can I’d say wait for the sprout speakers. (Edit) these motion speakers are not related to the xt line. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks Hleeg, I think I may just do that, HOWEVER I can get a pair of LX15’s (same as Motion 15’s, but black non-angled cabinet) for about $400 a pair. Do you think those would suffice (with my SVS sub) until the Sprout speaker unveils?

I have svs 2000subs and like how they combine with the 15s, 40s, and the ML Ethos in my system but added the edit when I read some pretty rave online reviews of the 35 xts’ ribbons because I think the treble of the 15s can sound a bit harsh outside of a supporting role. I’ve not heard the Sprout but think there’s a family resemblance in the way the Stellar M700’s I have are voiced.
I think I’d want to hear the LX15’s.