Speaker Stands?

I have floor standers. I’m thinking that my room and lack of treatment could be a better fit for a stand mount.

I struggle philosophically though with the cost of the stand, and want to put that money into floor standers.

Does anyone have experience with cheap or cheaper stands? The stands sold by Spendor for their classic line are about 2k.


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If you’re in the US reach out to Chris or his people at Timbernation and have them make stands for you based on which Spendor model you are looking at. You can also use other Internet Direct companies like Skylan that have been making stands for “BBC” speakers for decades. Either way you avoid distributor and dealer markup plus cross Atlantic shipping. Same options available for UK and EU members.


Thanks so much.

I’m between the Spendor D7, or the classic 2/3 or classic 1/2.

I’ve never used stands before. Do you just set the speaker on top? Or do you isolate or couple it?

Keep your floor standers and invest in room treatments. Trust me, it’s worth it, a lot more so than a new amp or DAC or cables.


I believe you about treatment. I put in a rug and was stunned.

Do you have ideas for room treatment that doesn’t look like room treatment?

Like a sound absorbing paint?

With Harbeth’s which are similar in cabinet design to Spendor Classic most people I know and myself use Iso Pucks between the speaker and the stand. Just the Pro black model are perfectly fine. No need for the “audiophile approved” Orea’s. There are other products that work too like Herbie’s Tenderfeet or Big Fat Dots for less too.


I have a gallon of sound absorbing paint that has been sitting so long I doubt that it serves any purpose other than filling the can.

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When I get around to treating the space I’ll consider something like this.

GIK Acoustic Art

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HiFi Racks produce some great speaker stands with excellent price / performance ratio, IMHO.

Speaker Stands – Hi Fi Racks Ltd

Fantastic. Thanks!

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I love Spendor and Harbeth stand mounters. Though front ported, to sound their best, they require a fair distance from front and side walls. Spendor D and A series seem more tolerant in this regard, and I attribute that to the ports being at the bottom. Dynaudio new Confidence series adapted this principle too. YMMV.


I have the A7. Love ‘em. But I’m just planning ahead.

I’ll probably need to A B demo the D7 and classic 2/3 at my retail shop to decide. I will buy from them if I do this of course.


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Define ‘cheap’. I’ve owned two sets of Sound Anchors, currently using a pair with my (heavy) Salk Sound SoundScape 7M monitors. I won’t mess with anything else. Hand built in Florida to your custom specifications if you like (Sound Anchors doesn’t charge more for stands built to custom dimensions). Welded heavy gauge steel. Does not resonate. Can even be safely used with casters (do not knock it, casters make positioning and moving my almost 60 lbs SS M7s for cleaning a snap). No more expensive in my experience than any other good quality all metal, welded (not IKEA bolted together) stands.

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5 bucks, or less

You might know this, but the D7 will sound much different than the A7 and classic series (where the latter two will sound more similar). It’s because of the LPZ tweeter used in the D series, which produces a more modern sound than the classic, historical Spendor sound (which many love, granted).

Big time Spendor fanboy here, especially of the D series (I own three D models currently, plus SA1 which is more classic-like), but they sound pretty different.


You’re saying the A7 is more like the classic? I thought the A7 was somewhere between the classic and D?


“I thought the A7 was somewhere between the classic and D”

That’s probably true. I’m saying classic much closer to A7 than D7. I haven’t owned a classic series but have listened to at dealer - but haven’t lived with; same with A series. I have SA1 which is fairly close to A series A1 I think, and it sounds much different than my D1 (the D standmount, now discontinued).

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I think I’ll like the D7, and I like the practicality of having a cover over the tweeter from a toddler fingers perspective.

Plus I already have iso acoustics for my A7 which can go on the D7.

The GIK wall art sound treatment is probably the way to go here along with the D7.

I listen at about 55-65 db with average around 60.

This is a bit lower on average than most people, it seems.

I wonder if my room is bright, or if I just get satisfying sound at 60?

Maybe a bit of both. I don’t have room treatment other than chairs and carpet.

For sure - bulletproof in that way