Florida Audio Expo 2024

I don’t that our host will be there. Is anyone going?

I might go.

I’ll most likely be going again. This will be my 4th time. It gets bigger and better every year.


I have made many trips to Florida in the past. I always shudder as I board the plane. Florida, ick! But each time I have been there I really enjoy everything EXCEPT the driving. Ewe! To fly down for an audio show? Could happen. But I already have my room booked for Axpona. I would llike to see the Florida show once, as well as the Capital Audio show.


I’ll be there. Kind of expected since I’m part of the club that got this show on the map. :laughing: But I’d go anyway as it’s a good show. Al, come on down! Tampa in February! Great time to be down these parts.


I’m skipping it this year and probably will go to the Southwest Audio show in March & the Midwest AV Experience in June. Axpona I’ll be there for sure.

will be there saturday am




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This past weekend makes it my 4th year going to this event. Every year, it gets bigger and better. This year was no different.

The really cool thing about this year’s show is that I got to meet and talk to OCD Mikey! He met my three brothers as well. We chatted for a few minutes, then went on our way. A few hours later, we meet again, this time my brothers and I were coming out of a room and Mike was heading in with a few friends. The music they were playing wasn’t the best, both music wise and recording quality wise. I told Mike to go in there and “school” them on good sound and music! LOL

I have to say, Mike is a really, really nice, cool guy. He’s just like he is on YouTube! Cool, direct, tells it how it is, doesn’t BS around.

Here’s a few pics of the show on Saturday. I should have asked to take a pic with Mike, but I just didn’t think about it at the time. Oh well, maybe next year!


That Estelon Diamond XB with MSB room looks like @vkennedy61 silver dream setup!


How did The Audion amps and the AGD preamp sound wit those open baffle speakers?


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If you’re referring to the Pure Audio OB’s, the preamp and amps are both AGD, and it was a great sounding little system. Those little OB’s could stand to use a bit more bottom end help though.

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I know. I am a very satisfied AGD The Audion customer. I just had them updated to the new MKIII amp output “tubes” and have yet to hook them back up in my office system.

Thanks for the reply.

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Fantastic! That is a dream system.


It was good, but IMO there were some other rooms that sounded better, in some cases for less money.

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though the tiny room compressed and constrained, along with AC rumble, no where near a respectable presentation of the system

I visited the room and quickly left due to this insult to the incredible system in the photo after knuckle knocking the marble-based cabinet of the Estelon

Great pics and yes Mike is good people. Both as a friend and trusted advisor.

Most definitely a no BS sort of guy but his best interest is what’s best for you , your budget, and your system.

He also gives 80% of price paid back as credit if you trade in something you bought from him to buy an upgrade.

Along with 30 day in home trials with only shipping needed to be paid if the piece isn’t a good fit for you.


Just curious as to which rooms you preferred. Having heard the XB Diamond driven by Vitus amplification locally I was most happy with the sound.

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I’ve otherwise heard Estelons sound quite impressive at other shows and salons, and these did sound better on Sunday (as did most rooms). But for this show, as an example, I personally found the Grandinote room to sound more to my liking. The Gershman room also sounded nice.


Have yet to hear the Greshmans and look forward to that day. Not familiar with the Grandinote speakers. IME it is best to hear the Estelon speakers at your local dealer. I’m fortunate enough to have a dealer nearby presenting TOTL Estelon Extremes, and well as the XB diamonds. Not fortunate enough to be able to purchase them though.

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