Florida Audio Expo 2024

Hey Paul, it’s your anniversary! Go ahead and splurge, I cleared it with your significant other (equipment)!


The pair listed at TMR are consignment and they are reaching for the stars now with that asking price. If a serious buyer with legit finances contacted Jamie at Audio Experience. I’m confident that price could be matched or bettered. No guarantees but you would get a new demo pair with full factory warranty.


TMR is a rip-off period. They’re always selling used gear for hardly anything off of new retail prices. I refuse to deal with those clowns.

Not to mention that they will offer to buy your used gear for less than a quarter of what it’s worth, only so they can turn around a couple weeks later with it and jack the price through the roof.

No thank you. Shysters.

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TMR is a business that provides a service that they charge money for. As a business they need to make a profit to survive and prosper. It is how all businesses remain viable. Simple economics.

For their commission fee they ship inbound, unbox, inspect, verify operation, take pictures, post ads, rebox, deal with offers, arrange financing, outbound shipping, returns, customer complaints, etc.

The percentage they charge for this service is perfectly acceptable to most people or they would not keep growing as they have.

Stereo gear is purely a hobby so the stuff you buy are purchases not investments. As a hobby everything you buy is for your own satisfaction and does not have the same perceived value to someone else. You cant force the value of a piece of hobby equipment on the open market, It will find it’s own value soon enough.

In my opinion and experience with them they are very fair. When I have tried to sell my used stereo gear on the usual sites I get a bunch of tire kickers (big spenders with no money my mother used to call them), questions that get answered but never followed up, seriously lowball offers or offers that never get funded.

You certainly dont have to use their service if it does not suit your particular situation but that is no reason to talk trash about them.

I have no affiliation with TMR only business transactions both ways for several years now.


Well said!
Were you on the debate team in high school🙂



Why the vitriol?

TMR is above board and transparent.

No one is forced to use them.

If it were easy to make money selling used equipment, they would have many competitors.


I used TMR once, it was smooth and easy. Could I have made $150 more, sure did not feel like doing it with this one transaction. But I do normally sell on USAM and try to maximize profit when swapping components.

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No but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. :grin:

It does no good to bash a business just because you don’t like their business model. It can cost them lost revenue just from one internet post and without the ability to counter it is just money lost.

That is the wonderful thing about living in the USA. There are lots of free will choices that can be made. No one is forcing anyone to buy or sell anything.


I’ve dealt with TMR several times, buying everything from $150 power cords to a $9k sacd player. At first glance some of their prices for used gear may seem excessive but they know the market demand for specific products very well. Their used prices vs. new vary a great deal, depending on brand, demand, etc. I once attempted to buy gear from a “difficult” seller that eventually sold the gear to TMR and I bought it from TMR for less than the original ask. If you present a logical argument or evidence as to why their price for something is too high, they will consider counter offers. They were completely chill and easy to deal with when I wasn’t happy about the noise floor on a tube amp I bought and wanted to return after a months use. They wouldn’t have been successful and continually grown their business if they were shyster ripoffs.


Tell us how you really feel. Like any hifi business prices are negotiable. If you click on an item and complete purchase without talking prices then that’s your mistake. I have no affiliation but I have been well taken care of by Nick Lucini just by negotiating. I don’t have complaints.


Different strokes for different folks. TMR has been fair on my purchases and exchanges and a good resource for sharing information.


Joining the positive pile on. I have made several transactions with TMR, both in purchases and selling to.
All were clear without conditions, fairly priced, and expeditiously handled. Being a nation wide site that will buy your stuff rather than one having to deal with the vagaries of selling on the open market is a godsend.
Sure, you can probably squeeze a few more dollars out of your gear if you go public, but it’s great to have a willing fallback.


So the results are, TMR 20, Cranky Forum posts 0.


Oh well, you all can keep using them. I won’t anymore. I refuse to “give away” my gear for less than half of what it’s worth on the market. And I refuse to purchase something from them for almost full retail price when the piece is multiple years old.

I have had a LOT more luck selling and buying on my own, getting what I want for it (asking price), and even shipping if necessary. Last few big ticket items I purchased I was able to drive a distance to pick up, saving on shipping and making a nice day trip out of it.

Anyway, this is all off topic from this thread, so…


I really like Nick at TMR.
But here is my most recent experience with TMR:
Power cable, new list price: $5965. Paid TMR after discount $4955.
TMR trade-in offer 6 months later: $1150.
I sold it for $3950.


It is perfectly reasonable to not sell to or buy from TMR.

But your choice does not make them “shysters.”


Cables by far the easiest thing to sell yourself compared to all other audio gear. Can be dropped and tossed many times by carries and will usually arrive 100% functional. I’m sure you and everyone else know this already. Guess my point is don’t trade in cables. Lol


I have always preferred to gift gear to friends instead of selling it. If I didn’t like the gear I would gift it to bad people. One piece of very bad gear I had someone from the forum here made an offer to buy it before I had actually received it. That was a blessing.


I have had better results consigning to them (as long as you dont need the money right away).

That way the piece will sell for current secondary (hobby) market value and they send you a check for that amount less commission. Easy peasy.

Their cash offers are very low indeed but they need to protect the unknown possibilities. In your case once bitten twice shy. And rightfully so.

The real “liquidation value” as auctioneers call it is the current scrap rate which is roughly $180.00 / ton as of last week.

I could give the excess pieces away like Al has done but around here no one is interested in taking them home. Kids these days anyway! :grin:

That’s one of the reasons my $24k retail AZ’s went into the shop system. I literally could not find anybody interested in making an offer and none of the people working for me or local friends were interested in taking them off my hands.


Like you, it makes me happy to gift things rather than sell them. I especially enjoy giving things to people who are just starting to explore hifi.