Focal Price Increase

Can anyone shed light on the recent price increase on the Sopra line of speakers? The Sopra 2’s have gone from $15000 to almost $19000

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Martin Logan, Golden Ear, and others went up too

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Typical luxury goods strategy: raise prices no matter what , add brand cache , sell fewer units but make bigger margins. Also, tariffs maybe are impacting pricing.

Sharp price increases in the Kanta series as well. I was thinking pretty seriously about the No. 2. Then prices across the board jumped seemingly over night.

I see the price for Kanta 2’s at $10000. Wasn’t that their original price? My memory fails me.

Nope. Not here locally in Chicago. The 2’s were being advertised for under $9000 (Music Direct). The Kanta 3’s also suddenly jumped in price by about $600. Looks like it was about 10% pretty much over night.

I can’t speak specifically to the Focal price increase. However, I am reminded of a conversation that I had with a Golden Ear dealer a few months ago. He indicated that the Trump tariffs were finally impacting the Golden Ear costs and as such he had been informed of a price increase.

My long term plans were to procure the Focal Sopra 2 even though at the time the $15000 price tag was really stretching my budget. In a way, I find this to be a blessing. Now that they are out of my range. I can sit back and look at other options.

Right place, right time: 2 1/2 years ago was able to buy a brand new a pair of Focal Sopra 2’s (which retailed for 14K at the time) from an authorized dealer for under 10K. And I thought I was lucky then!

You make me envious.

Retail market taking a hit right now. Some dealers may be amenable to deeper discounts than they otherwise would. Trying to locate dealer with Focal’s in stock purchased by them before the increase, may be worth the effort. Don’t be afraid to ask for a low price. They can only say no. Good luck, whatever you decide.


Ouch! I happened to have become smitten with the Focal Sopra 2’s and bought back in January - fresh from France. $15,000 + tax. I’ve been thinking I overbought but now they’re $19,000? I guess I’m feeling better about my purchase!

Excuse me … Now I’ve got to go listen to them again.

Welcome @framecrash. Yes. The price increase was a bit of a shock. However, it did force me to look at other speaker brands. I am saving up for replacing my present speakers sometimes next year. Maybe by that time prices may have come down. Looking at the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III now as one possible choice.

Great loudspeakers from a first class manufacturer.

You are not helping. :slight_smile: Makes me envious.

I think that with Covid employment levels and disposable cash, they’ll suffer poor sales. You can’t tell me that the cost of materials and labor are up 25%. I guess that Focal needs money to pay for their buying spree of companies lately.

What a bummer. I’ve been interested in those Sopra 2s for a while. That is a huge price increase.

I priced Sopra 2 and 3’s around Xmas and some deals were to be had but only in weird colours. Loving bargains, I stumbled on some one owner Wilson WP’s and bought them instead. My local Focal dealer was the only full line Focal dealer in the Toronto GTA. They bemoaned the price increase. Focal also terminated the exclusive arrangement and opened up to more dealers. They need to drive more sales.

I guess it depends on what color you consider weird. I got my Audi/Nogaro Blue Sopra N*2 for a great deal just over a year ago…over 30% off list. I guess I was lucky, as I love the color, and was stoked to get a then 15k speaker for just over 10k.

Too bad I have no wish to sell them…I could probably make a nice profit. : )