Foobar2000 library organization

I’m new to computer audio. I’ve recently had someone set up a dedicated audio computer with Foobar2000 as the player. The sound is just amazing! But I’m very aggravated with trying to organize my library. For example, when I load an album into the library, it is loaded in alphabetical order instead of track order. Using DSOTM as an example, changing the track order will not work. Please help, but remember, my computer skills are at a beginners level. Thank you!

I’m not a Foobar expert but how are you ripping your music? If you rip so the track number is part of the track name, they should play in the right order.

My library is arranged that each artist has a folder, and each album has a sub folder below that folder. The sub folder is named
year.album.[label - catalog#].
Each song is named
01- song title
and if there are multiple discs they go in individual sub folders. (disc 1, disc 2 etc.)
If its a compilation album I do
01 - artist - song title.
In each of these cases the 01 indicates the track number.
Foobar works fine with this, as does every other program I have used.

I also give various artist releases their own folder.
Various Artists - Soundtrack - Isle Of Dogs.[label - catalog #]

Some people handle multiple disc set issues by name disc one track one 101, 102, 103, and disc two 201, 202, 203 etc. I don’t do this myself but I see the wisdom of doing it this way.

Most importantly, BACK UP YOUR TRACKS! Have at least one external hard drive you back up to. Preferably not plugged into the same computer and powered up at the same time. I have my files on 4 different computers in two different states. (plus multiple external drives) No way am I going to lose all that work. Anyway…

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Thanks so much. I will set mine up like that. Might have to hire someone to do it for me :grin:. Either that or take a week off work :flushed:.

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I was retired and I spent 10 to 12 hours a day, nearly every day for four winter months getting started on my collection. I recommend purchasing dBpoweramp to rip your CDs and get them done right the first time. Others will recommend EAC and I have used both. I have a strong preference for dBpoweramp.

… I second dBpoweramp.

Thank y’all for the great responses. What do you use as a remote app? I’ve started out with MonkeyMote, but not crazy about the controls.

I used MonkeyMote, it was okay. Now I use Jremote as i have switched from Foobar to JRiver. I used Foobar for the first thousand years of my life, now not so much. I thought MonkeyMote was fine though. (I also thought Foobar was fine)