Dbpoweramp cd ripper stopped displaying titles and track names

Downloaded this software about 1 year ago, worked fine (using Windows 10) until recently. How do you overcome?

I think Dbpoweramp picks up its metadata from the Internet; sources such as Discogs. Perhaps you are set to use one for which there is not currently a connection. Use the green menu item to pick and choose the metadata provider(s). There is always the possibility that you have developed a firewall problem which is stopping access (Windows 10 can be quixotic).

Thank you very much. I have asked so very little of Windows 10 over the last two years, I hope Windows 10 will continue to be nice to me. In the mean while, I will check the green menu along with some other CDs.

Hi Chas,
When I get home this weekend I’ll give you a shout if you still need help on this. I am running dbPoweramp on my Win10 setup…

Hi Al,
Thanks for your kind offer. I will keep trying different suggestions. Be safe,


DBpoweramp is showing track titles for a few, BB King and Roy Orbison. I will try more. The green menu does not allow selection of Discsogs; but, the red menu shows results for Discogs from the Red menu (Manual Meta Review.
Bottom line, I am happy for now.
Is there an update for the DB software? and how to get ?
Thank you,

You will need to take up the control centre. That should tell you immediately if a new release is available (latest is 17.1). As part of the download process you will need your original order number. Since I seldom use DBpoweramp nowadays I didn’t bother going any further.