Using Foobar with direct stream DAC

How can you differentiate foorbar output issue from DS input issue? Currently running Foobar 2000 with the PS audio ASIO output component into my DS dac via USB using a Curious cable. On numerous occasions, the music stops; Foobar is showing the track is still playing. I stopped and reboot Foobar: no music; reboot the computer, no music. The only to get any music is to reboot the DAC. My question is how can you distinguish the problem? Is it the instability of Foobar’s output component or an issue with DS input board? I have a spdif connection to the DS and never had an issue

I use Foobar everyday in a secondary system. I am sad with some of the issues I am having with it. I stream from my NAS to my desktop computer. The issue I am having is I have five main folder structures, Al, George, Paul, Vince and Jeremy. (Made up names)

Foobar favors Al and adds all music from that folder structure but it doesn’t seem to want to include anything from the other four directory structures. If I merge them all into one I see and can play every single track in my preferred random playback mode. But I don’t want to deal with my file structure that way. Roon has zero issues working with the existing structure.

So for me, Foobar is Fubared. I may forget about it and just use Roon. It sounds nice though feeding through a Matrix to my DSD Jr. That I use on my near field computer desk setup. Its just not “everything you want just works” like Roon. It’s like dealing with Exact Audio Copy all over again.

Here is what my Foobar setup looks like:

Update, thanks to Joe I managed to figure it out. Never mind, Foobar is the finest!

How did I change that font???

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Al, if you have F2K monitoring each folder through File>Preferences>Media Library you should be able to add each folder. Then create a playlist with any/all folders you want, set playback to random and I think that’d do the trick.

Or am I missing something?


Hi Joe,
You mean like this:

(Removed image)

As you can see I have it setup like that. But trying to make a library view playlist eludes me. I have fussed with it a lot recently and it just isn’t something I have had any success with. At my lake place I just move all four structures into one and that works.

It could be a limitation of the DarkOne v3.1 Theme I use.

Yep, that’s it. If you then create a new Playlist, go to Library>Album List you should be able to drag and drop whichever files you want.

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All 90,000 of them? :wink:

I tried that the other night but it didn’t work.
You have inspired me to try again.
I think I have been using Foobar longer than I used Winamp. Speaking of Winamp. after we all left it for something else apparently they finally got around to modernizing it. Apparently they did some excellent work. Work that nobody, myself included, ever saw. We’d all moved on by then. I don’t run Netscape anymore either.

Sure, why not? When you have the Album List on the screen, highlight the All Music entry at the top then drag and drop that into the Playlist.

I will try it right now.

Nope, when I look at the album list in just shows things from the N:\AL\ directory structure. No content from the other three directories appear to copy.

That is weird. So, it’s just picking the first entry in the Library and ignoring the rest. I use external hard drives plugged into my PC and not NAS but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

Sorry I wasn’t more/any help.

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Ooops, I figured it out and made a playlist of everything. Major doh situation, I chose Library View and got what I wanted. I haven’t used Library view in such a long time. Doh. Thank you for the encouragement!!!

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My pleasure. :grinning:

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I had some global variables that were messing me up. I deleted them all and then the library button worked as it should. There are so many settings and variables that can mess things up, I’m getting to old for this stuff. Sigh.

But thanks to you now I can just hit the Library button and I’m good. Doh!

Here is what it looks like now:

I just love Foobar!!!

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Wow! I have a plain vanilla presentation nothing like what yours looks like. Between JRiver and F2K I’m able to stream to my DS DAC and the Oppo 105D and it keeps the music going.

I like the playlist function because it allows for different combinations but I still use the straight album play sometimes, too.

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Have you tried a plain vanilla certified USB cable? If a certified USB cable works then it’s your cable. I most always use Foobar 2000 thru USB with no problems. (It is nerdware, but I’m a nerd so I’m fine.)