Football Fanatics

Since the MLB fans are all waiting for pitchers and catchers to report (:wink:), I thought I would start this thread.

NFL and NCAA topics and posts are fair game.

I’ll keep it simple to start:

Go Bears, beat Miami!



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Admittedly, I am a “Homer”, when it comes to da’ Bears.

That said, the officials just stole away a chance for a dramatic, last minute win by the Bears. Really a shame (and an absolutely, indisputable missed PI call)…

Lots of promise with the Bears’ offense if the last three games are any indication of future performance, however.



If there was ever a topic where I won’t have anything to say, this is it.

Oh wait …


Welcome to the club.


Lions fan of 65 years


What I saw yesterday is Justin Fields continuing to improve at such a rapid pace he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with next year. Maybe even the second half of this year. My doubts about his ability to lead an offense are history. Now if only the defense can recover from the loss of Smith and Quinn.

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Which FOOTball? The one played with your hands, or the one played with your feet? :rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Very droll. In fact, while out shopping a couple of weeks ago I encountered a group of guys sporting PSG jerseys (if you know what the acronym stands for, you’re already aware of the difference). One was a Mbappé jersey. I’m a big fan and struck up a conversation with these chaps (vacationing here in Chitown). I actually wasn’t sure whether I’d start that chat with ‘soccer’ or ‘football’. Turns out in the end they were pretty darned shocked to encounter an American who follows Ligue 1 religiously. :slight_smile:


Didn’t happen… GO PHINS!!!

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Go Cards! I’ve had season tickets ever since the team moved here to Arizona (34 years). At least we got to the Super Bowl once. Sure do miss Larry Fitzgerald, what a remarkable man and player.


…a man of great character by most, if not all, accounts.

Die hard Giants Fan here. Had season tickets in my family since 1961 until they built Metlife and wanted 80k for my seat licenses. They wanted 20k a seat. My dad got them in 61 when the Bleacher seats at Yankee stadium went to season tickets. Ended up at 40yd line 16th row behind visiting team when they settled at Giants stadium in 1976. Still have the banner from that game hanging in my office.

In the end I said keep it, and downgraded. Ended up selling them to brothers in Brooklyn. I go here and there still and just pay the extra cash to pick the games I want. Saw them in Jacksonville a few weeks ago, one of the best games I have been too. Been to a ton too.

I have a life goal to see EVERY NFL team. I am down to 5 now. I was temped to travel to Seattle to see the Seahawks, but did not happen. Missed the Ravens too this year local. should have done that. bad timing for me on that game.

My license plate is GOGINTS here in CT.

Congrats on (apparently) the Giants finding their way out of the wilderness.

I am optimistic the Bears are not too far back up the trail behind.

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Yeah super happy with this coach for the first time in years. They had zero cap room to get any free agents so what they are doing with the people they have is nothing but amazing. I do not expect them to do anything, maybe sneak in playoffs, but I do not think they could be a really good play off team. Just dont have the receivers to keep up and way too many injuries on the lines. Now their defensive captian got hurt on ATV on bye week. out weeks. Come on…

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When the Bears were fun.


Once the Halas clan gets out of the way the Bears may stand a chance. IIRC Virginia just turned 100!

Speaking of the Bears, hey need to stay in Chicago at Soldier Field, and out of Arlington Heights. No way should Illinois, Cook County or Arlington Heights taxpayers underwrite any portion of the relocation cost.

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Hard to get behind football when you know the players are subjecting themselves to potential brain injuries.