Superbowl L

So why is it Superbowl 50, and not L? Will Roman numerals be back next year?

Prediction: I know nothing of team sports, professional or otherwise. Thus, I employ an entirely animistic approach, choosing winners based on mascots. As a panther can easily dispatch a horse as a tasty snack, the panthers, perforce, will prevail.

To the vast annoyance of my colleagues, I have won a number of office pools with this method.

My thought is that the NFL didn’t want all of their fans to go to L. cool

Congratulations on your office pool wins. I think you might do just about as well by flipping a coin, but your system is as good as any.


Carolina…31 2guns_gif Denver…20 20_gif

Congrats Denver… Much deserved win.

Maybe they don’t want to start LI’ing

You guys are good. :slight_smile:

…go to L… start LI-ing…

I lost L bucks on that damn game.